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How long do we have to request intial resources and gather necessary equipment to take aloft in a high rise event
4 minutes
Placing a 2.5 inch line and into position will take how long?
Approximately 2 minutes per floor of ascent
How many trucks and how many engines need to be on the fire floor
4 engine compainies and 2 truck/usar companies would be ideal
How long should it take for all companies to get to a certain floor upon arrival of an incident
4 minutes to gather equipment, 2 minutes per floor
What responds on a level 1 high rise
2 - engines
2 - truck companies or 1 truck and 1 usar
1- battalion chief
What reponds on a level 2 high rise?
3 engines
2 trucks
1 usar
3 chief officers

HIT team, air 6, Arson, Duty mechanic, notify duty chief and IO
What responds on a level 3 high rise?
6 engines
3 trucks
1 usar
1 chief
What responds after a level 3 is called on a high rise event?
Standard structure alarm of
2 engines
1 truck/usar company
How many general staff positions in HR ops, what are they
3 general staff
1 command staff

General staff positions:

Command position:
Where do you turn in your T cards on a HR operation
level 1 - IC
level 2 - lobby control
level 3 - base
1st engineer onscene responsibilities on a HR operation
connect to the standpipe and sprinkler system, report to and be supervised by the lobby/water control officer
What do the first arriving captain and firefighters do on a HR operation?
- identify the stairwell to be used
- get two floors below the fire, check that it will be suitable for staging
- go to the fire flor with 100' of hi rise 2.5" hose pack for size up
Once in position to attack a HR fire, what must be confirmed before advancing your hoseline
that there is an established water supply to the standpipe system
First onscene engine compay equipment to be taken aloft
-1 hose pack with 100' of 2.5"
-1 set of keys from the buildings lock box
- 1 building intercom handset
duct tape
- forcible entry tools
- flashlights
- radios
Responsibilities and objectives of the second arriving engine company on a HRO
- gather required equipment and go to staging (two floors below) to assist with attack/ hold operation
Responsibility of the engineer from the second arriving engine company on a HRO
assist with establishing a continuous water supply
Second onscene engine company equipment to be taken aloft on a HRO
1 - extra air bottle per firefighter
1 - hose pack
1 - utility rope bag
1 - building intercom handset
forcible entry tools
Responsibilities of the 1st arriving truck company on a HRO
assume lobby control and water supply officer
Equipment to be taken aloft by the first arriving truck company on a HRO
1 - extra air bottle per firefighter
1 - utility rope bag
1 - building intercom handset
1 set of keys from the buildings lock box
- forcible entry tools
- radios and cellular phones (if available)
- high rise bag and flashlights
Responsibilities of the 2nd arriving truck on HRO
crew will make a cursory check of each floor on the way up to staging.
Equipment to be taken aloft by second truck or usar onscene at an HRO
1 - 6' pike pole
- extra air bottles for themselves AND the first on engine company
- lifeline and resuscitator
- forcible entry tools
- radios
- duct tape
- extra search keys
Responsibilities of the first arriving chief officer on a HRO
- assume the duties of IC
- determine the location of base
- pass command upon arrival of the second due chief officer and assume the duties Ops Chief
- enter the building and set up near the staging area
- identify stairways to be used for evacuation, smoke removal and fire department use
What are the duties of the first arriving engine company on the level 2 HRO response
- assume the duties of staging manager/rehab officer
What equipment is the first arriving engine on a level 2 HRO supposed to bring in
1 - resuscitator
2 - canteens of water
1- building intercom handset
1 - utility rope
- radios
- hi rise bag
- flashlights
- fire line tape
Responsibilities of the second arriving engine company on a level 2 HRO
Report to staging for assignment, carry equipment aloft
What is the equipment that the second arriving engine on a HRO supposed to bring up
1 - extra air bottle per firefighter
1 - hose pack
- forcible entry tool
- radios
- other equipment as directed
Who assumes the role of base manager of an HRO
the second arriving truck/usar on a level 2 response
What are the responsibilities of the third arriving truck/usar company on a level 2 HRO
lobby control
Responsibility of the second arriving chief of a level 2 HRO
Assume the duties of Logistics chief
If using the elevators to transport equipment to staging, what must happen first
all elevator operations must be cleared by the IC
What is the recommended acceptable level of work prior to being mandatoried to rehab on a HRO
the "two bottle rule" or 45 minutes of working time
During rehab what is the recommended rest time on a HRO
no less than 10 minutes and may exceed an hour
What is the responsibility of the logisitics chief on a HRO
provide resources for
- lobby control
- water supply
- base
- stairwell support
- communications
Lobby control officer responsibilities
- informing the IC of the number of floors in the building
- recalling the elevators
- accessing information from the fire control room
- controlling vertical access of personnel through known safe routes
- operating the elevators
- pressurizing the stairwells
- coordinating the movement of supplies between base and staging
Once elevators are authorized for use by the IC, who is in charge of their operation
Lobby control officer
What is a Class I standpipe system
2.5" dry system
What is a Class II standpipe system
1.5" wet standpipe system
Class III standpipe system
Combination system for use by occupants (1.5" wet standpipe) and fire department (2.5" wet standpipe)
What is a combined system when speaking of sprinklers
2.5" wet standpipe and automatic sprinkler system
If a relay operation is not needed, what is the minimum distance away from a building an engine shoud spot
200 feet from the building
If a high rise is greater than 6 stories, how will that affect apparatus placement
The apparatus could possibly be placed in an unsafe position
If the standpipes are not workind or the FDC is blocked, how could you supply water aloft
use an aerial ladder as a waterway
Which responding unit establishes base
the second arriving truck/usar on a level 2 HRO
Where shall base be located on a HRO
a minimum of 200 feet away from the building
Who manages operations at base on a HRO
the base manager
Who does the base manager report to on a HRO
the Logisitics chief
When we transport equipment to staging without using elevators, what method do we use
we use one member for every two floors and one officer to supervise every four or five members
Who gathers the info needed to produce an IAP at an HRO
planning section chief