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shrimp dumplings steamed or deep fried
Skewered chicken broiled with Teriaki sauce
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables served with tempura sauce
Scallions rolled with sliced beef or chicken
Calamari Japanese Style
Served with our own ginger sauce
Fried pork dumplings
What is the Kabuki Special?
Hibachi shrimp or Scallop appetizer

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail

Ice cream regular
Ginger pork roll
scallion rolled with sliced pork broiled with Ginger sauce
What is on the children's menu? at what price?
New York Steak

Hibachi chicken at 10.95
What are the specials? (1rst 6)
3,6,12 oysters
4 oysters & 6 shrimp
6,12 shrimp
Tatsua age
(Japanese chicken nuggets) Ginger marinated chicken served with ginger dipping sauce.
Tako Yaki
(Japanese octopus dumplings)
What is the dessert special?
Vanilla ice cream with sweet red beans topped with edible silver flakes
What are all entrees served with?
onion soup, shrimp flambe appetizer, green salad, vegetables and bean sprouts, fried rice
What is chateaubriand?
filet mignon served with mushrooms
What is daifuku?
a dessert; sweet rice cake with sweet red beans inside
What the methods of payment?
We honor visa, mastercard, and american express.....Gift certificates....personal checks not accepted;;;gratuities not included.
What are the 4 decorative decanters?
Banzai, Geisha, Maiko, and the Samurai
What is the universe?
Vodka and pistachio flavored liqueur with pineapple juice
warm rice wine
brandy, light and dark, lemon, lime and pineapple juice.
Mai Tai
light and dark rum
Hibachi steak
sirloin, cubed and served with mushrooms (7 oz or 14 oz)?