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Hot Spot
A place in the upper mantle of the Earth's crust where magma wells up and forms a volcano.
The weak area in rock through which magma can escape.
The extremely hot, melted rock that pours out of an erupting volcano.
A bowl-shaped landform made when an object hits a planet's or moon's surface or when a volcano erupts.
Cinder-cone volcano
A steep-sided volcano built up from eruptions of rock, cinders, and ash
Shield volcano
A wide, rounded volcano formed by very fluid lava over time.
Composite volcano
A steep-sided volcano built up from eruptions of both cinders and lava.
Geothermal energy
Heat energy that comes from Earth's interior and can be used to heat buildings or generate electricity.
A mass of rock that formed when magma flowed into a crack in another rock, then cooled.