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a strong desire for another person and the expectation that sex with them will prove physiologically rewarding
the efforts of some women to secure more equtiable standards in workplace, society, and home.
feminist movement
defined by whether other pepople judge individual behavior as masculine or feminine
gender-role adaption
some individuals feel unhappy about their gender role.
gender-role preterence
individuals differ in how confident they feel about their sexual identity.
gender-role orientation
biological changes such as enlarged breast in males and abnormal body hair in females.
chromosome failure
the readiness all of us have to isolate ourselves from others when we feel threatened by their behavior.
tern for the personality style of persons who are able to commit themselves in concrete affiliation and partnerships.
stage that represent the ability to relate to ones deepest hopes and fears to another person , and accept another's intimacy in return.
period ages 17-33 taht includes early adult transition
novice phrase
a process of reappraising the existing life structure and exploring the possibilties for new life structures characterizes the structure changing period.
structure changing
individuals face the task of buidling a stable strcture around choices they have made.
structure building
the underlying pattern or design of a person's life at a given time.
life structure
levinson's concept that each new era begins as an era appoaching its end.
a marriage in which there is one wife but two or more husbands
a marriage in which there are one husband but two or more wives.
the standard marriage form in the united states and most other nations, in which there is one husband and one wife.
daniel levinson's theory looks at adult life ______ (the unique development of the individual ) and the life _______(the general pattern of adult development.)
course, cycle
societal acceptance of divorce and of remaining single have been _______ lately.
basically, four types of marriage exist in the world: monogamy, polygamy, _______, and group marriage.
of latinos, african americans, and whites, _________ have the largest families
life structure is the underlying pattern or design of a person's life at a given time. it is _________ in character with a primary component being the _______ that an individual has with significant others.
biopsychosocial, relationship
erik erikson's sixth stage of psychosocial development, intimacy versus icsolation, focuses on building a ________ as opposed to levinson's more careeroriented approach.
with regard to gender roles, many people are not willing to admit a belief in female ________ but act as if it were so.
sexual identity refers to our physical characteristics, whereas gener roles refer largely to the specific social______ in fashion at a given time in culture.
the three parts of gender identity are: gender-role _______ gender-role preference, and gender role adaptation.
erik erikson believes that gender differences are _________ determined, based on his experiments with girls and boys as they play with building blocks.
according to berh, _______ is characterized by more functional level of role identification than by either male or female roles.
unlike previous generations of young adults, who tended off for social events, today ________ _______ is more common.
pack dating
research on marital intercourse indicates that sexual closeness between many couples tends to ___________ significantly with the birth of each child.
according to the janus report, ________ are more likely to cite sexual problems as the primary reson for divoce than ___________.
men, women
robert sternberg examined the nature of love, claiming that love is made up of three different components: passion, ____________, and commitment.
a healthy marriage, accoding to sternberg, will invovle _________ among all three of his components
erich fromm's concept of _______is closely related to what erikson calls intimacy
sinece 1890, the average age at first marriage in the united states has
has increased for both males and females
a group marriage can be defined as
when there are two or more of both husbands and wives, who all exercise common priviledges and responsibilties.
the role of a ___________ according to some theorists, is to provide an inidividual with guidance during life transitions, assistance with decision making, and clearer view of what the individual wishes to make of him/herself.
compared to the babyboom generation, the current generation of young adults (generation x) has values which are quite
adrogyny refers to
persons who are more likely to behave in a way appropiate to a situation, regardless of their sex.
accoding to levinson, the purpose of the developmental periods in our lives is to cause greater individuation, which refers to
our developing separate and special personalities derived less and less form our parents and teachers and more form our own owner.
erikson used the term distantiation to describe
the readiness all of us have to distance ourselves from others when we feel threatened by their behavior.
whose theories find fault with erikson because of his belief that women are judged though their relationships with others?
researcher carol gilligan staes that because femininity is defined through attachment, female gender is most threatended by
the term biopsychosocial refers to tthe interactions of to the interactions of biology, psychology, and ___________ in reltion to the individual.
men are more likely to react stress with a __________ resonse, whereas women are more likely to react with a _______ response.
fight or flight, bend and bond
the person who used the term validation to describe our need, as humans, to feel loved and accepted is
the practice of initiating individuals into group membership through arduous and demeaning tasks.
a substance in the blood that adheres to the walls of the blood vessels, restricting the flow of blood and causing strokes and heart attacks.
perry's initial phrase of ethical development, in which " things are either abosolutely right or absolutely wrong."
the second phase in perry's theory. an attitude or philiosophy that says anything can be right or worng depending on the situation; all views are equally right.
others refuse responsibilty for making any commitment because everyone's opinion is " equally right "
some people remain in one position for a year or more exploring its implications but hesitating to make any further progress.
according to perry's theory of ethical development, when someone retreats to an earlier ethical position.
belenky's first phase of women's thinking, charaterized by concepts of right and wrong.
belenky's fifth phase of women's thinking; characterized by an integration of subjective and procedural ways of knowing.
constructed knowledge
belenky's fourth phase of women's thinking; characterized by distrust of both knowledge from authority and the female thinker's own inner authority or "gut".
procedural knowledge
belenky's third phase of women's thinking; characterized by some crisis of male authority that sparked a distrust of outside sources of knowledge, and some experiences that confirmed a trust in women thinkers themselves.
subjective knowledge
belenky's second phase of women's thinking; characterized by being owned by the authorities but less affiliated with them.
received knowledge
early adulthood is the time when the efficiency of most body functions begins to __________
although physical ability has peaked, bodliy reponses in adulthood are supplemented by __________ ________; that is the part of the total capacity of our body's organs that we do not normally need to use.
organ reserve
rites of passage use _______ to capture elements of adult life that have been denied youths and are now accessible to them as they are initiated into adulthood.
our lifestlye affects our health mainly through our choices of foods, use of alcohol, use of tobacco, and ________ ________
physical fitness
in the united states today, initiation activities in religious, _________, social, educationl, _______ settings
sexual, econonmic
the time out period, when adolescents explore posibilities and continue their education, is called the adolescent ________.
organized sports, countercultural involvement, and ______ __________ are eveidnence that adolescents yearn for the establishment of some form of initiation rite.
delinquent activities
cholestral, a substance in the blood related to heart attack, can be controlled by __________.
alcohol not only affects the person who drinks it. __________ children of alcoholics often have problems, including difficulty finishing projects, having fun, and constantly seeking the ______________ of others
adult, appproval
college presidnets regularly rank___ _______ as the number one problem on campuses.
alcohol abuse
eating disorders among young adults are becoming _________ common.
perry describes nine stages within these three categories. some students move through the stages smoothly, othersare delayed by ___________, escape, and ___________
temporizing, retreat
mary belenky and her colleagues building on perry's work and the work of carol gilligan, examined the _________ and ________ deveopment of women.
ethical, intellectual
the nature of wok has changed, moving form a primary focus on food gathering to a factory system to an emphasis on ________ _________.
global communication
in a dual-career family men get more satisfaction by thinking on an increased responsibilty for __________ ________, as well as household duties.
child care
because we seldom call on its total copacity, people often are not aware of the decline of their __________ __________ during early adulthood.
organ reserve
research indicates taht heart disease and cancer are linked to
a survey among college students on alcohol use showed that alcohol consumtion was directly related to
low reade-point average
what is the major reason that young adults smoke?
peer pressure
honan noted increasing numbers of __________ on major college campuses according to an arrival survey of campus crime.
drug arrests
perry's stages of dualism, relativism, and commitments refer to a person's
intellectaul and ethical development
in a study of women's perspectives on knowledge received knowledge refers to
a view that words are central to the knowledge
the ability to recognize that certainty is impossible but ___________ to a cetain position is necessary, even without certainty desribes perry's third stage.
belenky's category of procedual knowledge is most similar to which of perry's stages?
a family in which both the mother and the father are working, usually full time.
dual career family
occuring at college campuses, instead of paring out, undergraduates go to dinner, movies, and parties in groups.
pack dating