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Which element would you use to link from one page to another...
you would use the anchor element

How would you specify the destination of a link in a Web page...
the href attribute within the <a> element

e.g. <a href="mission.html"></a>
What is displayed in the browser as the link, how is it highlighted...
the content of the <a> element is the label for the link

the link is underlined in the browser by default to indicate it can be clicked
What can be used as a label for link in a Web page...
you can use:

text, or

an image
When you click on a link in a Web page, what does the browser load...
the Web page that's specified in the href attribute
When you link to files in folders, where can the files be located...
files can be in:

the same folder, or

other folders
What path type should you use to point to local files on your Web site...
a relative path
What path type should you use to point to external files that are not on your Web site...
an absolute path
How do you link to a parent folder...
use the ".." characters
How do you separate directories in your path...
use the "/" character
What happens if your path to an image is incorrect...
you'll see a broken image on your Web page
Which character(s) must be avoided when choosing names foe files and folders for your Web site...
Why would you invest time at the planning stage of a Web site to organize folders of content...
to avoid as much as possible having to change bunches of paths later as the site grows
How should you organise a Web site...
it's pretty much a personal preference