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what is a finish?
a process before or after fabrication used to enhance apperance, hand, and/or performance of textiles
what is an example of a permanent finish?
what is an example of a durable finish?
wrinkle resistance
what is an example of a temporary finish?
what is an example of a renewable finish?
water repellent
what are gray goods?
unfinshed products
what are the 7 steps of fabric preparation?
handling, desizing, cleaning, singeing, biopolishing (use enmzyms to give sheen), scouring (treat w/ acid), whitening
what is the carbonizing finish?
treat wool with sulfuric acid for better texture
what is the crabbing finish?
treat wool through immersion in hot and cold water for calendaring effect to prevent felting
what is the steam ironing finish?
wool treatment to offer smoothness, luster, and lofty hand
what is pressing finish?
treat wool with steaming metal plates
what are four reasons for aesthetic finishes?
luster, drape, texture, hand
what are luster aesthetic finishes?
-surface glazing (friction calendar)
-cire (glazing w/ hot roller)
-moire (woodwork or watermark apperance)
-schreiner (roller w/ diagnoal lines)
-embossing (raised effect)
what are drape aesthetic finishes?
-crisp and transparent
-burned out
-sizing (using starch)
-weighting (silk)
what are texture aesthetic finishes?
-shearing -flocking
-brushing -tufting
-embossing -embroidery
-pleating -expanded foam
-puckering -napping
-plisse -fulling
-beetling -coronizing
what are hand aesthetic finishes?
-emerizing, sueding or sanding
-enzyme washes
-silk boil-off
-caustic treatment (sodium hydroxide treatment)
-hand builders (for dryer hand)
what is relaxation shrinkage?
when taken off loom and shrinks
what is progressive shrinkage?
each time washed
what are apperance retention finishes?
sizing, mercerization, soil release
what are biological control finishes?
antistatic finish
what are saftey related finishes?
flame retardant
acid dye
protein fibers
other synthetic fibers
acetate/synthetic fibers
celloustic fibers
what is the difference between dyed and printed fabrics?
printed fabrics are lighter on face side
what is direct printing?
block, roller, duplex, warp
what is discharge printing?
it's piece dyed and color is removed from certain areas
what is resist printing?
batik, tie dye, ikat, screen, stencil
what are other types of printing?
jet, heat transfer, electrostatic, differential
what are color loss problems?
bleeding, crocking, migration, decstruction, frosting, fume fading, exposure to sun and sweat
what are printing defects?
off-grain printing, off-shade, consistency of color
what is the permanent care labeling regulation?
accurate permanent labeling wiht regular care information and instructions. must be legible for entire life of garment.
what is the Consumer Product Saftey Commission?
It develops flammability saftey standards
What is Fifra?
An act that protects from insects and requires to provide info on antimicrobial agents
what does a souricing specialist do?
knows about quotas and legislations
what does product development person do?
performs testing in lab
what does quality assistance do?
checks fabric quality, and performance
what does research, development and evaluation do?
test fabrics for various end uses from several different perspectives
what does production do?
knowledge about textiles, handling, care, structure, melting points....
what does design do?
knows components of yarns and fabrics and construction
what does merchandising do?
knowledge of various sources, fabric construction
what does wholesaling do?
show rooms and product knowledge
what is the silk regulation?
<15% weighting for black, and 10% for all other colors.
what is detergent?
a chemical compound specially formulated to remove sil or other material from textiles
what is detergency?
refers to the chemical action of a soap or detergent in removing soil from a textile
what is soap?
a cleaning compoind made from sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids
what is bleach?
a chemical that destroys the color compounds on fabrics. Destroys stains or yellowing.
what is fabric softener?
compound used in finishing and cleaning to improve hand.
what are water softeners?
compounds used to sequester minerals present in hard water
what is sizing/bluing?
a starch, resin, or gelationous substance added to yarns and fabrics to increase body and abrasion resistance
what is sorting?
the process of grouping textiles of similar characteristics to abiod creating problems in cleaning
what is drying?
the process of removing liquid water from a textiles
what is dry cleaning?
a fabric cleaning process that uses an organic solvent rather than water.