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Psycology is the
scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
PSycology was called
the study of human and animals, then back to the scientific of behavior and mental processes.
We use the _________ method in psycology.
applied sciences is used
to solve immediate epractical problems
basic research is used
to solve immediate practical problems
the fist psychology course offed
william james
first -------- in psychology
american ph.d.
first psychology laboratory stablished by --------in germany
wilhelm wundt
fisrst american psychology lab founded at
johns hopkins university
first american psychology textbook published by
john dewey
edward titchener advances psychology based on ------ .
He invented ----------.
introspection, structuralism
is when you break down behavior into there component parts
william james introduced,------, published -------, and introduced the study of -----.
John watson introduced concepts of-----
psychodynamic view is
when behavior is directed by forces within one's personality that are often hidden or unconscious.
behavioristic view
behavior is shaped and controlled by one's enviroment
humanisitc biew
behavior is guided by on'e self=image, by subjective perceptions of the worl, and by needs for personal growth
Biopsychological viwn
human and animal behavior is the result of internal physical, chemical and , biological processes
cognitive view
much human behavior can be understoodin termsof the mental processing of information
- studied impact of body changes to behavior
cultural psycology
examines cultures and ways of life
social psycologist
examines the behavior of ppl in groups
health psyc
examines the change of physical health and mental health
educational psycolo
ppl when research on learning and thinking
industrial psyc
a personal works in businesses.
sports psyc
maximize perfomans of ahlete @ everyone or comptertion
Human engeneering
people who study or create bettor or more effecient ways to do things.
forensic psyc
crime and crime prevention .
clinical psy
deal with adults typicalluy unless working with children, serios problems
developemental psy
studies children and grown ups developement
comparitive psyc
examines animal behavior