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Equation for Mental Health
Stress + Exploitation + Organic factors
Self-esteem + social support + coping
Factors that contribute to poor mental heal if our of balance
stress, exploitation, and organic factors
factors that enhance mental health if the individual posesses/uses them
self-esteem, social support, and coping
General Adaptation Syndrome
-Alarm-recognize stressor(s)
-Resistance-Choice of fight or flight
-Exhaustion-can lead to malfunction and possible disease if stress management skills are not used
Product of interaction of different stressors, particularly those that are out of control
-Includes stressors such as change, overload, frustration, and multiple role stress
Exploitation involving change
need to adapt-marraige, kids, unplanned change-death
Exploitation involving overload
too much to do and not enough time to do it
Exploitation involving frustration
multiple role stress
Estimated fraction of Americans that will suffer from a mental health issue
1/3-as prevalent as or more prevalent than cancer
question of nature vs.
4 major types of mental disorters/illness
-substance abuse-alcohol & other drugs
-anxiety disorders-phobias & bi-polar
-severe cognitive disorders-eating disorders,schizophrenia, etc.
-affective disorders-depression & seasonal affect disorder
*concerns over the links to suicide
self esteem related to...
personality characteristics, self worth, self-efficacy and spiritual values
-often defines how a person will describe a particular challenge or situation
connections to social support
family, friends, co-workers & greater community and society

*some spend more time with co-workers than with family
likely to live longer if:
married, attend worship services
4 major social public health issues in US
divorce, homicide, rape & family violence

1/2 marraiges still end in divorce
reason for 1/2 of all rapes
assailants and "date rapes"
most rapes for pre-meditated and
not spontaneous
fraction of rape assailants that go to trial
fraction of children that will be abused
fraction of children that will abuse their parents
fraction of stouses that are abused
stress management practices
-mind/body- deep breathing, progressive relaxation, visualization, biofeedback, yoga
-spiritual-meditation, prayer, worship
-cognitive strategies such as self-talk and developing
-cognitive strategies such as self-talk and developing communication skills
-exercise, music and play
HPRE for social health
-recognize warnings
-provide social services even in the workplace
-provide activities for young people
-communication skills
-gun control
5 major injuries
-motor vehicle
-athletic injuries
percentage of vehicle injuries related to alcohol
primary groups in vehicle accidents
young male and elderly
Decades with highest tobacco
avg age of 1st cigarette
percentage tried tobacco by 12th grade and percentage that become regular smokers
75% tried
30% regular smokers
percentage of smokers who began habit before age 21
percent of persons under age 21 who are using smokeless tobacco
fraction of people in developing nations who will die from smoking over the next 30 years
fraction successful with cold turkey tobacco cessation
percent sucessful with gradual quit plan
most widely abused drug in our society
2nd leading cause of preventable death
percent of all accidental deaths related to alcohol
fraction of adolscents who have tried alcohol by 12th grade
avg. age of 1st drink
Percent of college students who drink once per week
percent of college students who drink at least twice per week to get drunk
Percent of US who is "Alcoholic"
percent of 12th graders who have tried marijuana
avg. age of 1st marijuana trial
percent of 12th graders who have tried cocaine
avg. age of 1st cocaine trial
percent of teen who have had sexual intercourse by 12th grade
fraction of teens who will get pregnant
Percent of teen pregnancies who didn't want baby
fraction of teen pregnancies who abort
fraction of american who will have an STD
fraction of STD cases that occur in college age
It's not who you are, but_____
what you do!
STD transmission
vaginal intercourse
anal intercourse
oral sexual conduct
mother to baby
misc-needles, towels, sheets
-white sticky discharge
-burning urination
-Pelvic Inflamatory Disease
-Testicular infections
-Tubulor ectopic pregnancy-can cause sterility
-yellow discharge
-burning urination
-testicular infections
-mom to baby STD-results in blindness
persent who won't have 1st symptoms of chlamydia or gonorrhea
primary syphilis
primary-chancre develops on genital-whit oval shaped growth-could have multiple-not painful
secondary syphilis
rash & flu-like symptoms
can go away w? at home flue treatment
tertiary syphilis
streads through body-can cause organ damage--palm & bottoms of geet can look bruised
bacterial STDs
genital warts
HPV & cervical cancer
-warts can be treated
-virus will stay patent in body
-warts show up during periods of stress and strain
Hepatitus A
not an STD
-transmitted with food/water/ets.
-blood transfusion and meds can treat
Hepatitis B
-transmitted by sexual fluids
-same Hep A symptoms
-can hide and harbor self from body
Type I Herpes
cold sores-not necessarily an STD
Type II herpes
-genital sores
-show up where contracted-can be on mouth
-can be passed without sores present
-Mom to baby STD
Viral STDs
genital warts, Hepatitis B, Herpes
-thick cheesy discharge from genitals
-treaded with medication
-green,fowl smelling discharge
-treated with medication
pubic lice
-can live on dirty bed linnens
-pain, irritation
-more active at night
fraction of HIV cases that are heterosexual
HIV timeline
1. Exposure
2. Test Positive for HIV antibodies-can take 3-6 months for presence
3. Latency stage (2-10 years)
4. AIDS- T cell count and opportunistic disease- PCP, Karposis Sarcoma, TB, dementia, etc.
5 basic teen pregnancy myths
1. A recent epidemic
2. teens want to get pregnant
3. result of passionate-most occur in first 2-5 dates
4. good girls don't get pregnant
5. occurs in back seat of a car
ectopic pregnancy
when egg and sperm unite in fallopian tube--often due to an STD--abdominal pain often mistaken for digestive pain
steel rod inserted in woman's arm--contains contraceptice--releases medicine over time--powerful hormonal impact
-shots given to prevent fertilization--unusable egg
IUDs-the coppet "T"
-intra uterine device-prevents egg from implanting--precents sperm from uniting w/ egg
Battier methods
-condoms, diaphrams, & cervical caps- often used with spermicide
Th morning after pill
RU 486-not intended to be a regular form of contraception
groups more suceptible to LBW babies
-teen and women 35+ yrs.
-lower SES- don't tend to get medical & ob/gyn care
-women with low pregnancy weight gain
-women w/ drug abuse
targets of hormonal contraception
1st-prevents ovulation-oral contraceptions
2nd-prevents fertilization-norplant and depo provera-change lining of uterus-prevents egg from planting itself on wall of uterus
steel rod inserted in woman's arm--contains contraceptive--releases medicine over time--powerful hormonal impact
shots given to prevent fertilization-unusable egg
The copper "t"
Intra Uterine Device-prevents sperm from uniting w/ egg
Barrier methods of birth control
condoms, diaphrams, and cervical caps-often used with spermicide
The morning after pill
-not intended to be a regular form of contraception
critical period for pregnancy
1st 3 months
important vitamin for pregnant women
fraction of babies that do not receive any prenatal care
reasons for no prenatal care
not aware of pregnancy, lack of transportation, lack of child care, fear of doctor
dollars saved for every dollar spent on neonatal costs
time period for infant mortality
birth to age 1
Women, Infants, Children
-unemployed pregnant mother can receive care and food for herself and her child
commonly question immunizations
DPT and polio
herd immunity
immunizing majority of children can prevent disease from spreading among unimmunized children