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Low Food
food is low, soldiers are desperate, +1 attack, -1 move and defense.
Strong Moral
Your troops goals are allied with your own and your men have never felt more loyal, +1 attack, move, and defense
Low Moral
Your troops are tired of your leadership and are beginning to whisper around the campfire of mutiny.-2 move and attack
Shortage Of Water
Water supplies run low, you have been forced to ration the water supply.-1 attack and move
The Burning Fever has swept through your camp like a wildfire, leaving many of your soldiers near death. -2 defense and attack
Inspiring Speach
You gave an inspiring speech that raised morale, your men have never felt more loyal.+1 attack,defense and move
Good Weather
Good weather has made a long march much easier. +3 to move.
Raise In Soldior Payment
Recent looting has filled the treasury to the brink of over-flowing, soldiers are being paid more.+1 to attack and defense
Betrayed, your battle plans revealed you are at a grievous disadvantage.-1 to defense and move
Hot Day
Persisting heat has made everyone miserable. -1 attack.
Cold Day
A chill frost tore through even the thickest of cloaks making many succumb to collapse. -2 defense and move
Low Ammunition
Recent events have led to little ammo. Ranged squads may only attack with one of thier units on their turn.
Flawed Melee Weapons
A turn-coat blacksmith has flawed your soldiers' swords,maces, etc. all melee heros and squads -1 attack.
Dwarven Melee Weapons
A Dwarven Smith sold you quality weapons at a discount price.+1 attack
Bad Rumors
The enemy has spread contention amongst your men making them doubt you. -1 move.