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Pt has sore throat, runny nose, head hurts, tired, feels hot and is starting to cough. What is the differentiation? And What is best herb?
Wind heat
Jin Yin Hua
Pt presents with low energy, headache, restlessness, diarrhea, slight dizziness, and slight nausea. Tongue is red on tip, sl yellow coating. Pulse is superficial, rapid and slippery. What is differentiation? And Best herb?
Summer Heat

He Ye
Summer Heat injures...
Yin and Qi
List all Summer Heat herbs we've studied.
Lu Dou
Xi Gua
Bian Dou
Qing Hao
Pt feels warm, irritable, restless, very thirsty, and has already had 8 glasses of water today. Wants to be treated for shoulder pain. T= sl. red w/ sl. yellow coat, P= sl. rapid and superficial What is diff.? and Best HErb?
Summer HEat

Lu Dou for thirst
60 yr old woman has night sweats, feels warm for months, recent dizziness, headache, tight chest, t= red with sl yellow coat, p= superficial, strong at midlevel, and sl rapid. What is diff. & best herb?
Summer heat @ Blood Level

Qing Hao
20 yr old woman w/ vomit and diarrhea for 3 days, sl headache. t= sl red with yellow coat. p= sl superficial, sl rapid. What is diff. & best herb?
Summer Heat

Bian Dou
What do purgative herbs treat?
Interior excess constipation
fire toxin accumulation
water accumulation
What can cause constipation?
Qi Stagnation
Qi Deficiency
Yin & Blood Deficiency
Pt has not had a bowel movement in 4 days, also late with period but having cramps for a few days. t= sl red with sl yellow coat, p= sl rapid. What is diff & best herb?
blood stagnation with heat

Da Huang
Harsh expellants are usually used for what?
constipation and water accumulation
Pt having difficulty breathing, pain in lateral part of chest, legs swollen, coughing thick yellow sputum. T= sl red with sticky coat, p= full, slippery, rapid. What is best herb?
Ting Li Zi
Pt has nausea, stomach cramps after taking a formula that contained aconite. Best antidote?
Lu Dou
What is best herb for patient with chronic constipation who burned herself on a cookie sheet?
Lu Hui
List all purgatives we've studied.
Da Huang
Mang Xiao
Lu Hui
List all moist laxatives we've studied.
Huo Ma Ren
Feng Mi
Yu Li Ren
List all Harsh expellants we've studied.
Da Ji
Ting Li Zi
Ba Dou
In TCM, what 2 connotations does dampness have?
accumulation of body fluids
combined with heat
By what means do herbs drain dampness?
increased urine production
What are the 3 functions of drain damp herbs?
promote urination
decrease swelling
regulate water metabolism
What is the nature of drain damp herbs?
Bland taste
Enter the UB channel
T/F : Drain damp herbs do not treat constipation.
What are the cautions for drain damp herbs?
can damage yin and body fluids
30 yr old Pt with diarrhea for several weeks, decreased appetite, feels a little bloated. t= sl pale with teethmarks, p= slippery. Best herb?
Fu Ling
Chronic diarrhea patient comes back in a week. Fu Ling helped diarrhea, but not gone. Appetite and bloating better, but now having trouble sleeping. t=red tip, few teethmarks p=sl slippery, sl rapid. Best herb now?
Fu Shen
28 yr old man with scrotal pain, had genital herpes, t= red with thick yellow coat, p= slippery, wiry, rapid. What is diff and best herb?
Damp heat in liver channel

yin Chen Hao
40 yr old coughing long time, spot on lung x-ray, wants to quit smoking. Best herb?
Ban Bian Lian
55 yr old woman with loss of appetite, bloating, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, dry skin, nails, mouth, yellow skin and whites of eyes. t= red with no coat and dry, p=deep, thready, rapid. What is diff and best herbs?
Damp Heat in Middle Jiao with underlying Yin Def and False Heat.

Ze Xie
60 yr old woman with scanty urine for 4 days, drinks 8 glasses but little urination, legs starting to swell, menopausal hot flashes, insomnia. t- red with yellow coat, p= slippery rapid What is best herb?
Ze Xie
53 yr old man with hypochondrium pain on right side, western dr says gall stones, pain went away but is back after a year, high fat diet, t= red with yellow coat, p= slippery and rapid. Best herb?
Jin Qian Cao
What do Expel Wind Damp Herbs do?
Dispel WD from muscles & sinews
Alleviate painful obstruction
invigorate connecting channels
Bi refers to....
painful obstruction
Damp Bi refers to....
dull heavy pain
Expel Wind Damp herbs can easily damage....
Yin and BLood
27 yr old patient with frequent calf cramps, some diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, T: sl red, thin white greasy coat, P: slippery, sl wiry in guan. What is diagnosis and what is best herb?
Damp in Stomach and channels

Mu Gua
Best herb for fishbone lodged in throat?
Wei Ling Xian
60 yr old with back pain for many years, relieved by warmth, 2 days agostarted Headache in back of neck, T:sl pale with thin white coat, P: slippery, slow, sl superficial. What is diagnosis and Best herb?
Wind Damp & Cold

Du Huo
24 yr old moved from michigan to denver, has trouble sleeping, sl short of breath on exertion, always thirsty and feel drowsy, P: wiry and slippery, T: sl red, thin white coat. What is diagnosis and best herb?
Altitude sickness

Ci Wu Jia
Patient has unexplained rashes, severe itching for 6 months, T:sl red with thin sticky coat, P: slippery/wiry.
What is diagnosis and best herb?
Wind Damp in Channels

Wu Shao She
Patient has pain in arms, wrists, hands, achey muscles, AC blows on her all day at work, T: pale thin white coat, P: slippery. Best herb?
Sang Zhi
Patient has headache which radiates to back of neck, achey muscles, chronic sinus problems, T:light red, thick white coat, P:Slippery & deep. What is best herb?
Cang Er Zi