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which herb induces sweat and release exterior
disseminates and facilitates lung qi, calms wheezing
promotes urination - reduce edema
warms and disperses cold pathogens
ma huang
ma huang
cold or warm
Diffuse the lungs and downbear the qi, disperse phlegm and calm asthma
ma huang and she gan
pair - diffuse the lung and calm asthma, disinhibit urination and disperse swelling, clear heat and drain fire
ma huang / shi gao
pair for chronic asthma with yin (or blood) xu
ma huang / shu di

supplement kidneys and boost the essence diffuse the lung and calm asthma, scatter nodules and disperse lumps
pair - rectify lung qi and stop cough and calm asthma
ma huang/ xing ren
release exterior and assist the yang
warms and unblocks the channels and collaterals
warms the yang and transforms mucus
assists the heart yang and unblocks the yang qi of the chest
warms the vessels - painful obstruction, regulate menses
warms the middle and directs turbin yin downwards
gui zhi
pair - open the pores of the skin, strongly provoke perspiration, resolve the muscles and scatter wind cold of the full type
gui zhi / ma huang
pair, clear heat and free the flow of the network vessels, stop pain and treat heat bi
gui zhi / shi gao
zi su ye
release exterior disperse cold
promotes the movement of qi and expands the chest
calms the fetus
resolves seafood poisoning!
which herb:
release exterior disperse cold
promotes the movement of qi and expands the chest
calms the fetus
resolves seafood poisoning!
zi su ye
two herbs that are relatively strong in their ability to disperse w-c
ma huang / xi xin
which herb works more directly on opening and disseminating the lung qi and acting on the protective layer - ma huang or gui zhi
ma huang
which ext-rel herb works more by unblocking the yang qi and acting on the nutritive layer and muscle layer - ma huang or gui zhi
gui zhi
which channels does xi xin enter?
all channels
all channels
which ext rel herb enters all channels and therefore is used for a wide variety of pain due to cold
xi xin
which three herbs are more moderate than ma huang and gui zhi and used for the average ext wc problem
zi su ye and jing jie and fang feng
Zi su ye / jing jie / fang feng - which is best dispersing wind and for superficial problems (hot or cold)
jing jie
Zi su ye / jing jie / fang feng - which is most potent for dispersing cold and treating patterns of exterior excess?
zi su ye
jing jie / fang feng - which disperses wind and better for problems at a deeper level?
fang feng
qiang huo, gao ben, bai zhi all rel exterior but other two things do they do?
expel wind damp
alleviate pain
Qiang huo, gao ben, bai zhi all treat what type of ext contracted problem?
qiang huo and gao ben enter the tai yang and are used for which type of headaches?
vertex / occipital
whole head
which rel ext herb enters yang ming and helps with frontal and orbital headaches?
bai zhi
bai zhi - which common head problems does it help?
toothache, orbital/frontal headaches and nasal congestion
which rel ext herb helps with w-d bi espcially in upper body?
qiang huo
which ext-rel herb effective for wc disorders also helps with Stomach turbidity?
sheng jiang
what do cong bai and gui zhi have in common?
they both unblock the yang qi
which yang qi unblocking herb is the most superficial in its action and only suitable for early stage problems?
cong bai
which herb is called summertime ephedrae becuase it is so effective against summertime colds with injury from dampness?
xiang ru
what is xin yi hua used exclusively for?
nasal problems due to its light ascending nature
which is one of the few warm herbs that is useful for venting incompletely expressed rashes?
zi he liu
which pair of herbs effectively secure the exterior and supplement the defensive qi, dispel or prevent invasion by external evils and stop perspiration?
fang feng and huang qi
which herb :-
rel exterior and disperses wind
vents rashes
stops bleeding
jing jie
which herb rel ext and expels wind, expels w-d and alleviates pain
relieves spasms
fang feng
which herb rel ext and disperse cold, unblocks painful obstruction and alleviates pain (WCD bi)
Guides qi to the tai yang channel and du mai
qiang huo
which herb:-
1) expels wind
2) eliminates damp and unblocks nasal passages and alleviates pain
3) reduces swelling and expels pus
4) expels dampness and alleviates discharge (vaginal due to cold damp in LJ)
bai zhi
What is the pin yin for chinese wild ginger - aristolochiaceae?
Xi Xin
Which easy to get herb:-
releases the ext and disperses cold
warms the mj and alleviates vomiting
warms the lungs and stops cough
resolves toxcity - helps with other herb ovedose
sheng jiang
which pair of herbs:-
harmonise the stomach, downbear st qi counterflow, transform phlegm accumulated in the mj, eliminate cold and heat and stop vomiting
sheng jiang and zhu ru
pin yin for spring onion
cong bai
which herb is good for early stage externally contracted WC
cong bai
Which herb:-
induces sweating and releases the exterior (wc during the summer)
promotes urination
xiang ru
xanthium fruit
cang er zi
which two herbs:-
expel wind, diffuse the lung qi and open the portals of the nose? used for common cold with headache and nasal congestion
cang er zi/xin yi hua
which herb:
1) disperse wind damp and opens the nasal passages for any nasal or sinus problems?
2) disperses wind and dispels damp
cang er zi
Magnolia flower pin yin
xin yi
which herb:-
1) expels wind cold and unblocks the nasal passages only
xin yi
which herb is used topically for toxic and trauamatic swellings as well as localised pain from painful bi
e bu shi cao
in the releasing the exterior category what is the most common property of the herbs
pungent or pungent and warm
which rel ext herb has temperature and taste that is as strong as ma huang and gui zhi
xi xin
What is the dosage of Xi xin per day
1) (crude herb)
2) concentrated powders
1-3 grams
0.1 - 0.5 g
What might an overdose of xi xin cause?
numbness in the throat, tongue, stifling in the chest and even death due to paralysis of the diaphragm
Which herb should be used in particular caution for patients with renal problems
xi xin
Qiang huo
Bai Zhi
Chuang Xiong
Gao Ben are all used for headaches but what are their differences?
Qiang huo - pain in occiput (enters bl meridian)
Bai zhi - forehead (enters st)
Chuan xiong - sides of head (SJ/GB)
gao ben - top of head (Bl)