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patient has fever and aversion to cold, HA, generalized body aches, wheezing, without sweating, a thin white tongue coat & a floating & tight pulse
ma huang tang

ephedra decoction
patient has HA, fever & chills unrelieved by sweating, aversion to wind, no particular thirsty, a thin white tongue coating. a floating moderate or floating weak pulse.
gui zhi tang

cinnamon twig decoction
patient has fever & chills w/o sweating, HA, stiff neck, generalized aches & pain, slight thirst, a bitter taste in the mouth, a thin yellow tongue coat, a floating pulse
jiu wei ziang huo tang

nin-herb decoction with notopterygium
patient has fever and chills w/o sweating, coughing, wheezing, sputum that is copious white stringy, a stifling sensation in the chest, a generalized sensation of heaviness and body aches, no particular thirsty, a slippery tongue coating, floating pulse
xiao qing long tang

minor bluegreen dragon decoction
patient has coughing itchy throat, with slight chills and fever, a thin white tongue coating, floating pulse. which is best formula for her
zhi sou san

stop coughing powder
patient has slight fever, cough, slight thirst, floating and rapid pulse.
sang ju yin

mulberry leaf & chrysanthemum decoction
patient has fever with or without sweating, thirst, coughing, labored breathing, nasal flaring and pain. a thin white or yellow tongue coat. floating & rapid pulse.
ma xing shi gan tang

ephedra, apricot kernel, gypsum, & licorice decoction
patient has an exterior wind cold presentation characterized by increased fever decreased chills with HA. Stiffness of extremities, pain of orbital & eyes. dry nasal passages, irritability, insomnia, a thin yellow tongue coating, a slight floating and large pulse.
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang

bupleurum and kudzu decoction to release the muscle layer
patient has high fever, severe chills, shivering, absence of sweating, pain and stiffness of the head and neck, soreness and pain of the extremities, focal distention and fullness of the chest, nasal congestion with sonorous breathing, a productive cough, a greasy with tongue coat. floating and soggy pulse
ren shen bai du san

ginseng powder to overcome pathogenic influences
patient has slight fever with strong chills, absence of sweating, HA, cold extremities. fatigue with a constant desire to lay down, pallid complexion, and wak voice. pale tongue with a white coating. submerged, forceless or a floating big & forceless pulse
zai zao san

renewal powder
patient has fever and slight chills, lille or no sweating, HA, dry throat, cough, sputum which is difficult to expectorate, thirst, irritability, a dark red tongue coating, and rapid pulse
jia jian wei rui tang

modified polygonatum odoratum decoction
patient has high fever with profuse sweating, an aversion to heat, a red face, severe thirst and irritability, a flooding forceful rapid pulse, also HA, toothache, bleeding gums & nose
bai hu tang

white tiger decoction
patient has lingering fever & vomiting, irritability, thirst, parched mouth, lips, & throat, a choking cough, stifling sensation in the chest, alxo restless and insomnia, a red tongue with little coating, and xu, rapid pulse
zhu ye shi gao tang

lophatheerus & gypsum decoction
patient has heat entering the nutritive level, high fever worse at night, severe irritability and restlessness, thirst, delirious, indistinct erythema, purpura, insomnia, a scarlet dry tongue. rapid pulse
qing ying tang

clear the nutritive level decoction
this pattern is one of formed or accumulated heat in the middle jiao, and unformed or blazing heat in the upper jiao, patient has sensation of heat and irritability in the chest and diaphragm, thirst, flushed face, red lips, mouth and tongue sores, red tongue w/ yellow coating. a slippery rapid pulse.
liang ge san

cool diaphragm powder
patient has irritability, sensation of heat in the chest, thirst with desire to drink cold beverages, mouth and tongue sores, dark scanty painful ufination , some time can see clearly visible blood in the urine. red tongue. rapid pulse
dao chi san

guide out the red powder
patient has hypochondra pain, indeterminate gnawing hunger, epigastria focal distention, vomiting, acid regurgitation, belching and a bitter taste in the mouth, a red tongue w/ yellow coat. pulse is wiry & rapid
zuo jin wan

left metal pill
patient has cough, wheezing, fever with skin that fells hot to touch, worse in the late after noon. red tongue yellow coat. pulse is thin & rapid
xie bai san

drain the white powder
patient has toothache with pain that extends into the head. face feels hot, the painful area responds favorably to cold, and is worse with heat. bad breath, dry mouth, a red dry tongue w/ yellow coat. pulse is slippery & rapid
qing wei san

clear stomach powder
patient has stomach heat with yin xu, toothache, loose teeth, irritability and fever, thirst with desire to drink cold beverages. a red dry tongue with yellow coat.
yu nu jian

jade woman decoction
patient has abdominal pain, tenesmus, diarrhea with pus and blood. a burning sensation around the anus, dark & scanty urine, a greasy, yellow tongue coating. wiry rapid pulse
shao yao tang

peony decoction
patient has afternoon tidal fever, a sensation of heat in the bones, emaciation, lethargy, night sweats, red tongue w/ little coating, thin rapid pulse
qing gu san

clear bone powder
patient has pain in the hypochondria, HA, dizziness, red & sore eyes, hearing loss, swelling in the ears, a bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, short temper, painful urination, foul smelling leucorrhea. shortened menstrual cycle, a red tongue coating, wiry rapid forceful pulse
long dan xie gan tang

gentiana longdancao decoction to drain the liver