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which type of heat can be cleared by herb in the heat clearing category?
internal heat
what channels shi gao enter?
what is the function of shi gao?
clear heat, purge fire
which of the following is the best for toothache with a stomach fire symptom?
shi gao
if taken internally it can clear heat and purge fire, and if applied exernally, it can clear heat and help healing the wound. this herb is_____?
shi gao
which herb clears both repleted and vacuity heat?
1. huang qin
2. shi gao
3. zhi zi
4. zhi mu
zhi mu
what is the function of zhi mu?
clear heat, purge fire
nourish yin
lubricate dryness
which herb most commonly combined with zhi mu when it is used to clear xu heat conditions?
huang bai
what processing can increase zhi mu's downbearing nature?
stir fried in salty water
what is the most common function of shi gao & zhi mu?
clear heat & purge fire
which herb clear heat from lung & stomach?
shi gao
zhi mu
lu gen
which herb do you choose in order to clear heat resolve irritability, cools the blood, and stop bleeding?
shan zhi zi
which herb can clear heat and relieve irritability?
zhi zi,
huang lian
lian qiao
what is the tropism of zhi zi?
three jiao
which herb enters the SJ?
1. zhi zi
2. chai hu
3. xiang fu
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
which herb is the best for patient who having fever, irritability, thirst, and dysuria?
dan zhu ye
what are the functions of xia ku cao?
clears heat, scatters nodule, lower blood pressure
which of the following herbs clears heat, generates fluids, and treats lung abcess?
1. gua lou
2. lu gen
3. dan zhu ye
4. zhi mu
Gua Lou
which herb can clear lung and stomach heat and promote urination?
lu gen
which herb can clear heat, generate fluids and stop vomiting
lu gen
which herb can lower the cholesterol level?
1. ge gen
2. shan zha
3. jue ming zhi
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
which herbs can lower the cholesterol level?
ge gen
shan zha
jue ming zhi
which herb can be substituted for xi jiao?
shui niu jiao (bubali)

<<water buffalo horn - shui niu jiao vs rhinoceros horn - xi jiao>>
which di huang should be used in order to cool the xue?
sheng di huang
which herb can clear blood heat, nourish yin and generate body fluids?
sheng di huang & xuan shen
what herb is the best during febrile disease, if heat has entered the yin stage, body heat with dry mouth and red tongue?
sheng di huang
which herb can activate blod, remove stasis, and also clear deficient heat?
mu dan pi
What is the reason mu dan pi is added to liu wei di huang wan?
drains ascending lv fire
what is xuan shen' properties?
salty, swee, bitter / cold
what are the indications of xuan shen?
swollen painful, dry throat
lump or lipoma dt phlegm fire
warm disease, heat in the bloodcausing purpura
what is the suitable indication for sheng di huang and xuan shen?
heat in the ying stage, dry mouth and red tongue
which two herbs not only clear blood heat but also move the blood?
mu dan pi & chi shao
which of the following functions are common to both mu dan pi & di gu pi?
clear xu heat
which herb can cool the blood, reduce xu heat, and purge lung heat?
di gu pi
what is not the function of bai wei?
1. clear xu heat
2. promote pee
3. relieve toxicity, reduce swelling
4. moisten the intestines
4. moisten the intestines
what herb is the best for patient who is suffering from severe heat-toxin, inability of the rashes to erupt and the color is dark purple?
zi cao (purple grass)
which is not in clear blood heat group?
1. shi gao
2. sheng di huang
3. xuan shen
4. di gu pi
shi gao
which herb should be catiously used for pregnancy?
1. dan zhu ye
2. chan tui
3. mu zei
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
all the heat clearing herbs should be used carefully for?
sp and st xu cold
what kind of heat di gu pi clears?
xu heat
which one can clear both excesss and xu heat?
1. zhi shi
2. zhi gan cao
3. zhi mu
4. zhi zi
zhi mu
which herb is common in sang ju yin & yin qiao san?
lian qiao
which herb can NOT clear heat & dry dampness?
1. huang qin
2. huang lian
3. huang bai
4. huang qi
4. huang qi

all of the others do <<chin, middle, & but>>
which herb clear damp heat and quiets the fetus?
huang qin
what is the entered channels of huang qin?
which one do you choose for restless fetus due to heat?
1. zi su ye
2. huang qin
3. bai zhu
4. sha ren
2. huang qin
which herb is your first choice for LU heat causing cough?
huang qin
what is the entered channels of huang lian?
which herb can clear heat and dry dampness specifically from HT & ST?
huang lian
which herb can clear damp heat especially in lower burner and clear fever due to yin xu?
huang bai
which one is not commonly used to treat dysentery?
1. she gan
2. huang qin
3. huang lian
4. huang bai
1. she gan
what three herbs are commonly used to treat dysentery?
huang qin, huang lina, huang bai
which is not in clearing damp heat group?
1. long dan cao
2. ku shen
3. huang ba
4. xuan shen
xuan shen
what group is xuan shen in?
herbs that cool the blood
The best herb to treat damp heat in the ST & LI causing diarrhea, dysentery, and vomiting is ____?
huang lian
what is the common function of huang bai and zhi mu?
clear both excess & xu heat
which herb can expecially clear damp heat from liver and gall bladder channels?
long dan cao
what is the condition for using long dan cao?
vaginal discharge and itching due to damp heat
which herb is the best to clear heat, dry damp, and purge liver fire?
1. long dan cao
2. ku shen
3. huang lian
4. huang bai
long dan cao
common function of xia ku cao and long dan cao?
clear liver
which has disperse wind and kill parasites function?
ku shen
what is the function of ku shen?
clear heat, dry dampness
promote pee
dispel wind and parasite
what is the common function of long dan cao and ku shen?
clear damp heat
which of the following is NOT incompatible with Li Lu?
1. ku shen
2. ban xia
3. xi xin
4. bai shao
ban xia
what is the indication of ku shen?
1. cough
2. skin disease and genital sores
3. irritability due to ehat
4. diarrhea due to spleen xu
2. skin disease and genital sores
what are the common taste and temperature of clearing dmap heat herbs?
bitter / cold
what is the property of king herb of long dan xie gan tang?
bitter / cold / LV GB ST
what herb can be combined to huang lian for the lack of interaction between the HT & KD?
rou gui
<as in jiao tai wan - grand communication pill>
what is the general caution for clearing heat herbs that bitter and cold?
spleen and stomach xu cold
what is the properties of jin yin hua?
sweet / cold
which herb is best to clear heat in the heart & also disperse stagnation?
?lian qiao?
which herb is the best for heat invading the pericardium causing shen disturbance?
lian qiao
whigh herb does not benefir the throat?
1. she gan
2. ban lan gen
3. shan dou gen
4. pu gong ying
4. pu gong ying
which herb can b used to prevent viral epidemics?
ban lan gen
<has antiviral properties>
which is not correct?
1. pu gong ying - use for breast abscess
2. bai jiang cao - use for intestinal abscess
3. tu fu ling - use for syphilis
4. she gan - use for pregnancy
4. she gan - use for pregnancy

<she gan is contraindicated in pregnancy>
which herb does not promote lactation?
1. dong kui zi
2. pu gong ying
3. mu tong
4. dan dou chi
4. dan dou chi
what are three herbs that promote lactation?
dong kui zi
pu gong ying
mu tong
pu gong ying can clear heat toxin and ______?
eliminate dampness
used for breast abscess
promote lactation
what is the main indication for bai jiang cao?
abdominal pain due to intestinal abscess
which herb benefit throat, and dissolve hot phlegm
she gan
which herb can detoxify, eliminate dampness, and benefit the joints
tu fu ling
<also treate syphilis>
which is the most commonly combined herb with jin yin hua in order to clear heat toxins?
lian qiao
which combination can be used in 4 stages of warm febrile diseas?
jin yin hua + lian qiao
<treat qi, xue, interior & exterior heat>
which herb can clear summerheat, also raise the spllen yang & stop bleeding
qing hao
which herb clear summer heat, strengthen spleen and transform dampness?
bai bian dou
which clearing summer heat herb clear xu heat and stop malaria?
qing hao
which herb can checks malarial disorder?
1. chai hu
2. qing hao
3. cao guo
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
which herb would you combine with wei ling xian in order to treat lower extremities pain due to wind damp?
1. niu xi
2. sang zhi
3. gui zhi
4. qiang huo
1. niu xi;
which herb not only can dispel wind damap, open channels and collaterals, but also can treat fish bone stuck in the throat?
wei ling xian
which anti-rheumatic herb can treat itching skin lesion used topically for scabies?
hai tong pi
which herb is good for treating vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle spasm?
1. bai shao
2. wu zhu yu
3. ban xia
4. mu gua
4. mu gua
which herb not only can soothe tendons, but open collateral, harmonize stomach and resolve damp?
mu gua
what is the caution of using mu gua?
excess taking can harm the teeth and bones
which herb mainly treat upper extremity wind damp pain?
sang zhi
which expelling wind damp herb can calm shen?
1. xi xian cao
2. bao hua she
3. wu jia pi
4. mu gua
1. xi xian cao
which herb unblock the channels, extinguish wind, and dispel wind from the skin?
bai hua she
which is correct?
1. hai tong pi - expel W D, kill parasites
2. xi xian cao - expel W D, lower blood pressure
3. wu jia pi - expel W D, strengthen tendons / bones
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
which herb can expel wind damp, tonify liver and kidney and strengthen sinews and bones?
wu jia pi
which herb not only descend LU qi, expel phlegm, but also dispel exterior wind heat?
1. qian hu
2. chuan bei mu
3. zhe bei mu
4. gua lou
1. qian hu
which is the best for cough dt LU yin xu?
1. chuan bei mu
2. zhe bei mu
3. ban xia
4. ma huang
1. chuan bei mu
which herb is used in exterior wind heat and phelgm fir stagnation together?
1. chuan bei mu
2. zhe bei mu
3. ban xia
4. xuan fu hua
2. zhe bei mu
what is not a function of zhe bi mu?
1. transform hot phlegm
2. stop cough
3. dissipate nodules
4. moisten lung
4. moisten lung
what is the common of zhe bei mu and hai zao?
1. taste: salty
2. channels: kidney
3. functions: trans phlegm and scatter nodues
4. incompatable w/ gan cao
3. functions: trans phlegm and scatter nodules
what two herbs are traditionally incompatable with gan cao?
kun bu & hai zao
which herb not only can clear LU and expel phlegm, but also can lubricate intestine, disperse stagnation to open the chest?
gua lou
which part of trichosanthes (gua lou) is best in order to moisten the intestines?
gua lou ren
which herb can clear heat, reduce swelling, dispel pus, and generate body fluids?
tian hua fen
which herbs are incompatible with wu tou?
bei mu
gua lou
ban xia
which herb is good for nausea and vomiting due to heat in the stomach?
1. sheng jiang
2. zhu ru
3. ban xia
4. wu zhu yu
2. zhu ru

<sheng jiang good for nv dt wind cold>
<ban xia nv dt phlegm>
<wu zhu yu nv dt cold>
which herb is incompatible with hai zao?
gan cao

(counteracts hai zao)
which herb is contra-indicated for pregnancy?
1. tian hua fen
2. zhu ru
3. sha ren
4. zi su ye
1. tian hua fen

<zi su ye - restless fetus>
<sha ren - morning sickness>
what is the function of ban xia?
dry damp and transform phlegm
descend ST qi & stop vomiting
dissipate nodule and reduce swelling
what is the property of ban xia?
acrid / warm, toxic / LU SP ST
which of the following herb is the most effective in treating damp and phlegm?
1. bei mu
2. ban xia
3. tian nan xing
4. dan nan xing
2. ban xia
which herb can treat phlegm stagnation in the chest and goiter & scrofula?
ban xia
which herbs are often combined with ban xia to treat damp & phlegm?
fu ling & chen pi
what is the common function of ban xia and zhu ru?
transform phlegm & stop vomiting
which herb goes downward in order to descend stomach qi & stop vomiting?
xuan fu hua
how do you cook xuan fu hua?

<loose parts can be harmful to lining of GI>
what is the common of bai qian & qian hu?
descend qi & expel phlegm
which herb is the best for treating aching and numbness sensation of the extrmities and joints?
bai jie zi
which herb has special function o fdirecting qi upward, benefit the throat, ventilating the lung qi and expelling phlegm?
jie geng
which herb is the best to treat cough with copious sputum or ches congestion, sore throat or loss of voice?
1. niu bang zi
2. chan tui
3. ban xia
4. jie geng

<jie geng does all of these things>
<niu bang zi good for loss of voice dt heat>
<ban xia good to treat plum pit qi>
what herb is used for lung abscess with excessive amout of sputum?
1. ban xia
2. lu gen
3. jie geng
4. zhu ru
3. jie geng
what is the properties of jie geng?
bitter, acrid / neutral
what is the contra indication for jie geng?
which herbs in the stop cough/wheezing category also moisten the intestines?
xing ren
su zi
gua lou ren
which herb is used cautiously for infants?
1. xing ren
2. zi su ye
3. huo xiang
4. gan cao
1. xing ren
zi su ye is used for?
cough with copious phlegm
stifling sensation in the chest
wha tis the common funciton of zi wan and kuan dong hua?
moisten LU, stop cough, expel phlegm
common function of zhu ru and pi pa ye?
descend st qi and stop vomiting
which herb lubricate the lung, stop cough an dkill parasites and worms?
bai bu
which herb are worm and moisten, but not dry and greasy and cna stop cough and asthma?
1. zi wan
2. kuan dong hua
3. bai bu
4. all of the above
4. all of the above
which of the following herb is most effective in purging lung heat and calming asthma?
1. shi gao
2. zhi mu
3. sang bai pi
4. all of the above
sang bai pi
which of the following herb good to treat hypertension?
1. sang bai pi
2. ma dou ling
3. shan zha
4. all
all of them
what is common channel of transforming phlegm and stop cough category of herbs?