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This category is used mainly for what?
1- Qi Stagnation (in channels esp blocking the head and limbs and used with Expel Wind Damp Herbs; also in Organs with S/sx like pain in the chest and abd)

2- Rebelious Qi (including wheezing and dyspnea)
What are the common characteristics of the herbs in this category?
1- Aromatic (disencumbers spleen and transforms damp)
:b/c they are aromatic and dry long term use may lead to DEPLEATED YIN

2- Warm

3- Acrid (to Tx qi obstruction) or Bitter (dries damp)
:because they disperse qi, CAUTION WITH QI XU
Why would we not want to use Regulating Qi herbs in long-term use?
they may deplete the Yin (b/c aromatic and dry)
What are the main actions of the herbs in this category?
1- Promote Movement of Qi

2- Disperse

3- Drain Downward
List some other functions of herbs in this category.
-reduce distention
-smooth the flow of qi
-expand the chest
-relieve constraint
-stop pain
-direct rebellious qi downward to stop vomiting or calm wheeze
Which organs are most involved in this category and why?
they are all involved because they are involved in the QI DYNAMIC

Lung- governs qi
Liver- governs dreging and draining
Spleen - governs the T&T

(Stomach- Governs receiving and taking in)
What are the causes of the disruption of Qi regulation?
- emotional constraint
- overexposure to heat and cold
- dampness and phlegm
- trauma
- improper diet
What are the 3 Funtions of Chen Pi?
SP/St (1) Regulate Qi and Adjusts the Middle

Lu (2) Dries Damp and Transforms Phlegm (cough)

(3) Prevents stagnation of Cloying Herbs like DANG SHEN and HUANG QI
What two herbs would you combine with Chen Pi to treat Sp/St QI XU?
Zhi Ke and Mu Xiang
What are the two main funtions of ju hong?
- goes to the stomach to treat vomiting and belching

-goes to the Lung to treat phlegm-damp coughs
How does ju hong compare to Chen Pi?
it is more Drying and Aromatic but less effective in harmonizing the middle and regulating the Sp and St than Chen Pi
In what case is qing pi's use cautioned?
qi deficiency (because it is immature so it is very strong)