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What is the specialty of Bo He?
eye problems; it brightens them
What herb is good to use for babies with night terrors? What other herb would you add?
Chan Tui with Gou Teng
Which is better for itching? Chan Tui or Niu Bang Zi?
Chan Tui
Which herb relieves spasms, contraction and convulstion for internal and external pathogens?
Chan Tui
What is the specialty of Ge Gen?
releases muscle layers for headaches in the back of the head, tightness, spasms, and rigidity of the neck; supplies xue to neck...
Which herbs raise Yang?
Gen Gen sp/st
Chai Hu sp/st/lv
Sheng Ma sp
Which herb aggresively spreads LV qi?
Chai Hu
Sang Ye is for .....
cough and heat in the xue; moistens the lung
What is the specialty for Man Jing Zi?
head and face, can use with Bo He and Ju Hua.
What is the only herb that treats wind heat and treats bi?
Man Jing Zi
How do you treat bi?
1-unblock meridians
2-tonify LV and KI yin
3-expel damp
Which herb treats wind heat with anxiety and irritability?
Dan Dou Chi
Should you use Ge Gen in small or large doses?
large because it's like a food more than an herb
Which herb is good for chemo and diabetes patients?
Ge Gen
What is the dosage for Sheng Ma?
3-6 grams b/c larger doses can be toxic and cause dizziness, nausea and tremors
Which herb is used for sp/st yang ming related heat toxicity? (gum bleeding, swelling, ulcers, toothache, bad breath)
Sheng Ma
Which herb is great for watery blistering skin rashes like chicken pox?
Fu Ping
Which herb mildly promotes urination for edema?
Fu Ping
What are 4 wind heat conditions?
What herbs are used for measles?
Jing Jie
**Niu Bang Zi
Ge Gen
Sheng Ma