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ma huang
Exterior Cold Excess

ephedra herba
RE, Induce Sweat
Moves LU qi, Stops C&W
Promote urination, reduce edema
Warms, disperses cold pathogens: WD bi, toxic sores w/ no head
cong bai
i warm onion STew for LUNch
Allii fistulosi bulbus
RE, Induce sweat
Disperses cold, unblocks yang
Relieve toxicity, disperses clumps
zi su ye
SPilt moi LUNch
Perilla folium
Moves qi, expands chest, inv. blood
Restless fetus, morning sickness
Alleviate seafood poison
sheng jiang
mighti SPit STUNG
Zingiberis rhizoma recens
Warms MJ, Stops vomit
Warms LU, Stops cough
Reduces toxicity of some herbs, seafood poisoning
gao ben
Mi bad back
Ligustici rhizoma
Dispel wind, overcome damp, alleviate pain
qiang huo
BLurry moib KID
Notopterygii rhizoma seu radix
Unblock painful obstruction, alleviate pain
Guide qi to Tai Yang and Du
gui zhi
meeti HulUBaLU
Cinnamomi ramulus
RE, Assist yang
Warm, unblock channels and collaterals
Warm yang, transform thin mucus
Assist HT yang, unblock yang qi of chest
Warms channels, collateral, vessels of uterus
Warms middle, directs turbid yin downward
fang feng
i might SPLADDER sweet LIfe
Saposhnikovia radix
RE, Expel wind
Expel wind-damp, alleviate pain
Expel wind, relieve spasms
jing jie
i might LUV
Schizonepeta herba
RE, Dispel wind
Vents rashes, alleviates itching
Stops bleeding
skin wind
bai zhi
i'm STUNG by the SPlash
Angelica dahurica radix
Expel wind, eliminate damp, unblock nasal passages, alleviate pain
Reduces swelling, expels pus
Expels damp, alleviates discharge
Treats pain from ulcers
xi xin
HARd KLUNk. i'm sari.
Asari herba
Dispel wind, disperse cold, relieve pain
Warms LU and transforms thin mucus
Unblocks & facilitates orifices
xin yi
i'm LUST-tea
Magnolia flos
Expel WC, open nasal passages
cang er zi
box of LUNG meet
Xanthii fructus
Disperse wind & damp, opens nasal passages
Disperses wind & dispels damp
Dispels Exterior wind