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Ginkgo biloba
used for dementia and claudication

active ingredient is: ginkgolide B

inhibits platelet activating factor
the active component is allicin

its used as an "anti-atherosclerotic"

decreases platelet aggregation and enhances fibrinolysis
used as a performance enhancer and increases stress resistance

commonly associated with hypertension and tachycardia
Kava Kava
piper methysticum

the active ingredient is kavain

used as an anxiolygic

potentiates CNS depressants and liver toxicity
Milk Thistle
active ingredient is silymarin

used as a hepatoprotectant

decreases fasting glucose
Saw Palmetto
inhibits alpha 5 reductase

decrease urinary symptoms in BPH
used as an anti-emetic

decreases post-operative nausea?
is used now to increase the resistance to colds

its not recommended for long term use
St. John's Wort
used as an antidepressant

the active ingredient is hypericin

cardiovascular instability and it decreases the plasma levels of other meds

induces p450 and therefore increases the metabolism of other drugs
used for (knee) osteoarthritis

prevents the breakdown or increases the production of cartilage in bones
grapefruit juice increases the drug absorption of many things...
calcium channel blockers, benzodiazapines, cyclosporin, buspirone, carbamazepine, and saquinavir...