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Shan Yao
Chinese yam
Tonify QI
1. Tonifies Spleen Qi to treat Spleen deficiency syndromes.
2.Tonifies lung to treat lung def syndromes.
3. Tonifies kidney to consolidate essence to treat kidney deficiency syndromes, diabetes due to wi and yin deficiency.
Shan Zha
Hawthorn fruit
Remove food stagnation
1. Removes food stagnation especially for meat.
2. Promotes circulation of Qi to remove stasis and relieve diarrhea and dysentery with abdominal pain and hernia pain, chest and abdominal pain due to blood stasis and dysmenorrhea.
2. Treats cardiovascular disorders including hypertension, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol.
Shan zhu yu
Corni fructus
Stabilize and Bind
1. Nourishes Liver and Kidney to treat aching and weakness of low back and knees, tinnitus, impotence, depleted mingmen fire.
2. Astringent for seminal emmisions, spermatorrhea, enuresis, frequent urination, metorrhagia, excessive menstrual bleeding, constant sweating, and collapse due to deficiency.
She chuang zi
Cnidium Fruit
External application
1. Kills parasites and stops itching
2. Dries damp to treat pruritic vulvae, eczema, scabies, tinea, also to treat leukorrhea due to cold damp, damp bi, and lumbar pain.
3. Warms kidney to strengthen yang for impotence, female infertility, uterine cold.
She gan
Belamcanda Rhizome
Clear heat and relieve toxicity
1. Clears heat and detoxifies for sore and swollen throat.
2. Eliminates phlegm for sore throat and cough with dyspnoea due to phlegm.
She Xiang
Deer musk
Open the orifices
1. Opens artifices for convulsions, fainitng, closed disorder.
2. Invigorates blood for superficial infection, ab masses, amenorrhea.
3. Relieves acute pain in the cardiac region due to trauma or Bi.
4. induces delivery for dead fetus retention, or retention of placenta post partum.
Shen Qu
Medicated leaven
Remove food stagnation
1. Reduces food stagnation and harmonizes Stomach.
Sheng di huang
Rehmannia root
Clear heat and cool the blood
1. Clears heat and cools the blood for warm heat pathogens entering the nutritive level causing high fever, thirst, and scarlet tongue.
2. Nourishes yin and generates fluids for yin def heat, steaming bone, fever, thirst, ciao ke, constipation due to dryness.
Sheng Jiang
Fresh ginger
Warm and acrid to release the exterior.
1. Releases exterior for wind cold.
2. Warm the middle and stop vomiting.
3. Warms the lung and stops cough
4. Resolves toxicity of some herbs.
Sheng jiang pi
Fresh Ginger Peel
Warm and acrid to release the exterior
1. Harmonizes the middle to promote urination for edema.
Sheng ma
Black cohosh rhizome, cimicifuga
Cool and acrid to release the exterior
1. Releases exterior for HA due to wind heat or early stages of measles.
2. Raises yang for SOB, fatigue, prolapse, metrorrhagia.
3. Clears fire toxins for canker sore, mouth sores, tongue sores, gum sores, painful swollen throat.
Shi Gao
Clear heat and drain fire
1. Clears heat and drains fire for Qi level and yang ming stage heat, 4 Bigs.
2. Clears excess lung heat for coughing and wheezing.
3. Clears raging stomach fire, frontal HA, toothache, painful/swollen gums.
Shi Hu
Tonifies yin
1. Tonifies yin and fluids.
2. Nourishes yin to clear heat and and treat kidney yin deficiency.
3. Promotes vision, and strengthens low back and knees.
Shi Jue Ming
Abalone shell
Extinguish wind and Calm the Liver
1. Drains Liver fire and anchors yang for HA, dizziness, red eyes and hypertension.
2. Improves vision.
Shi jun zi
Rangoon creeper fruit
Kills parasites
1. kills roundworms and pinworms.
2. Childhood nutritional impiarment.
Shi Wei
Pyrrosia leaf
Drains dampness
1. Clears damon heat for Lin
2. Clears heat and stops bleeding for vomiting blood, uterine bleeding, and Bloody Lin.
3. Clears the lung, expels phlegm and stops cough.
Shu Di Huang
Prepared rehmannia root
Tonify the Blood
1. Tonifies blood and yin.
2. Tonifies kidney essence and marrow.
3. Charred for bleeding due to blood deficiency.