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Treats lung abscess?
Yu Xing Cao
Treats intestinal abscess?
Mu Dan Pi
Pu gong Yin
Hong Teng
Bai Jiang Cao
Herbs clear heat & relieve toxicity?
Pu gong ying
Yu xing cao
Ye ju hua
Zi hua di ding
Rx cancer
Bai hua
she she cao
Which herbs are taken as a powder?
Da ji
Gan Sui
Yuan Hua
Treats dysentery due to damp heat?
Bai Tou Weng
Ma Chi Xian
hu Huang Lian
Qin pi
Functions of Qing Hao?
Clears summerheat
clears def. fever
cools blood & stops bleeding
checks malaria & relieves heat
Mang Xiao - all
P - bitter, salty, v. cold
A- 1) purge accumulation & stagnation
2) clears heat & reduces swelling
3) softens hardness
I - 1) constipation
2) sorr throat, red eyes, car/furuncle mouth ulcer due to heat accumulation
3 Breast abscess, Intesinal abscess
Contraindicated in pregnancy, nursing
Which downward draining herb can treat constipation, abd. distending pain, yang ming stage of febrile disease?
Da Huang
Mang Xiao
Between Huo Ma Ren & Yu Li Ren, which nourishes, moiistens & induces urination?
Yu Li Ren