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who was the greatest of all greek heroes
who was the greatest of all greek heroes
who was heracles parents
zeus and alcmene
What does Heracles mean?
Heracles means "Glorius through Hera"
heracles was born ____ and died a ________
Who was the greates of all Greek heros?
heracles was born where?
Who were the parents of Heracles?
Zeus and Alcmene.
Where was Heracles born and concieved?
Was he born a god and died a mortal or was he born a mortal and died a god?
He was born a mortal and died a god.
heracles died where and how?
mt oeta, burnig becoming immortal
How many labors did Heracles have to do?
12 labors.
Who was jealous of Heracles being born with Alcmene?
what did heeracles do to his family?
he killed them
What did Hera send to kill Heracles in Thebes when he was a baby and what did he do?
Hera sent serpents to kill him, but since he is Zeus' son, Heracles strangled the serpents.
who sent serpents to thebes to kill heracles
What bad deed did Heracles do?
He was driven to madness which caused him to murder his family.
True or False. Heracles was driven mad and murdered his family.
What was the first task?
To get rid of the Nemean Lion.
Where was the lion located? What was later sported along with Calvin Klein loin cloth?
Northern border of Argolid. The skin from the lion.