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New Monarch
Grant "Henry VII's personal government was very different ... from that of his predecessors"
Not new monarch
Mackie "it was essentially a medieval mind"

Pickering "a traditional, even medieval, approach to government"
Style of Government
Rogers "his style of rule was one of personal government" and Rogers "forged far stronger links between central and local government"
"It may be that what we see is less a forward-looking monarch than one who had an imperfect understanding of his job"
Moderately new
David Loades "It was not a revolution, but a change of emphasis with major significance for the future."
"chronic watchfulness, suspicion and fear"
Parliament - not important
Chrimes "nothing of an innovatory nature in parliaments"

J Loach "more concerned with the needs of the monarch and his greater subjects than they were with the good of the country as a whole."
Parliament - important
Graves [the acts passed] "their intrinsic significance should not be denied"