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2 most common forms of hemo
Factor XIII (hemo A, Classic)
Factor IX (hemo B, Christmas)
Basic defect of Hemo
Lack of antihemophilic factor (AHF)
less AHF, more severe the disease
define hemothorosis
bleeding in the joints
which joints are affected first
ankles b/c of walking
what labs associated with hemo?
Ptt, platelet, pt=normal
specific assay factor
goal of theraputic management
control and prevent
replace clotting factor, relieve pain, exercise, primary prophylaxis
theraputic management
what should you do rather than a fingerstick in theses kids to draw blood?
what is the best sport? what kind of sports can't they do?
swimming, contact sports
how should you give an IM
sub q
managment of bleed
#1 start factor
RICE, ROM not complete
what should they do before any type of dental work and after
pooling of blood in the liver-can lead to shock
sequestration crisis
don't make RBS's
aplastic crisis
accelerated rate of RBC destruction
hyperhemolytic crisis
most frequent problem with SCA
vaso-occlusive crisis give advil
cold, infection, dehydration, stress, fatigue
triggers for vaso-occlusive crisis
what med should sca kids NEVER get?
dysnpea, pain, pneumonia like symptoms
chest syndrome
symmetrical swelling of hands and feet, very painful joints
hand and foot syndrome
increace fluids, give new blood, plenty of rest-conserve 02 do not undermedicate for pain, use heat
crisis interventions
pt taking INH should avoid what foods
tryamine and histamine: red wine, aged cheese, soy sause, tuna, yeast extracts