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when does CML occur when speaking of oncogenes?
When the proto-oncongene abl from chromosome 9 translocates to the bcr gene on chromosome 22; forming the Philly

Briefly, when proto-oncogenes mutate
what is the MCC of hereditary cancer?
suppressor gene mutations
what does the c-myc proto-oncogene do?
it's product drives the cell from the Go resting phase to the S1 replication phase
this cancer is characterized by accumulation of abnormal myc forms and rapic tumor growth
Burkitt's Lymphoma; seen in children and adults
a mutation of bcl2 results in?
what cancer does asbestos cause?
lung cancer
what cancers does ionizing radiation cause?
cancers caused by solar radiation
squamous cell skin cancer
cancers caused by estrogen
breast, endometrial, vaginal

Post menopausal women who take estrogen are at high risk for endometrial CA
cancers caused by diet
breast, prostate, colon, gastric
Benzene exposure increases risk of which cancer?
what infectious agent is assoc. with Burkitt's lymphoma?
T/F African American women have higher mortality rates in ALL types of cancers in the US
False; in all except lung CA
T/F African American men are more likely to get colon CA
TRUE; 50% more likely in men
what are the chances of developing cancer in you life?
45%; 1 in 2 (males)

38%; 1 in 3 (females
what is benzopyrene diolepoxide? Its binding to areas near the TP53 gene causes?
metabolite in cigarette smoke; causes lung cancer
this lung cancer presents more often with a peripheral lung nodule
Adenocarcinoma (Most Common)
Small cell lung cancer is linked to what?
Cigarette smoking
This lung CA presents with a large, central tumor with mediatinal involvement
Small cell lung CA
which cancer has a proclivity to cause paraneoplastic syndrome such as SIADH and Cushings?
Small cell lung CA
what is Cisplatin?
a platinum based chemo drug to treat various cancers
what are the important features of staging in NSCLC
Tumor size
Proximity to central structures
Lymph node involvement
how do you treat SCLC
Combination chemo
Name the ABVD chemo drugs
Vincristine (Oncovin
Name the CHOP drugs
Hydro Adriamycin
Oncovin (Vincristine
what type of cancers makes up the majority of cancers in the head, neck, and mouth?
Squamous cell carcinoma
what are complications of gentamycin?
what are complications of Clindamycin?
Psuedomembraneous Colitis

Tx with Flagyl
MC esophageal CA in lower esophagus?
MC esophageal CA in upper esophagus?
Squamous cell
The MC Tx of esophageal CA?
Surgical removal
what is Sister Mary Joseph's node?
unbilical node; may be seen in gastric CA
MCC of pancreatic cancer?
S/Sx of pancreatic CA?
Ab pain/Weight loss
Recent onset of DM
Courvoisier's sign (palp gallbladder)
Trousseau's sign (migrating thrombophlebitis
Treatment for pancreatic CA?
Whipple's procedure
Two tests to detect early protate CA
PSA-prostate specific antigen
Why is PSA important?
PSA is a protein produced by the prostate and serum PSA levels may be elevated in enlargement or cancer of the prostate
When should HepB be administered?
First dose: At Birth
Second dose: 1-2 months
Third dose: >6 months
When should the Rota vaccine be given?
6-12 weeks
Final dose should NOT be given after 32 weeks
When should DTP be given?
6 weeks
Final dose between 4-6 years
when is H.flu b (Hib) vaccine given?
First dose: 2 months
Second dose: 4 months
who is recommended for getting an annual influenza vaccine?
Children >59 months with high risks
Healthcare workers
people in close contact with high risk groups
what's the minimum age of the influenza vaccine?
6 months
what's the minimum age for MMR?
12 months

second dose at 4-6 yrs
when should you get a booster Tdap shot? (tetanus diphtheria acellular pertussis)
At age 11-12
what's the minimum age for the Meningococcal vaccine?
11-12 yrs
what tumor markers show up in breast CA?
Estrogen and Progesterone receptors
when are HCG levels elevated?
Testicular failure
Tumor marker elevated in liver, ovary, and testicular CA. Also elevated in pregnancy.
AFP (Alpha-feto protein)
what is the BCG vaccine for?
Vaccine against TB
Group A pyogenes is assoc. with what type of infections?
Skin infections
What is the vaccine given to protect against various strep infections?
Pneumovax 23
what is the MC form of cervical cancer?
squamous cell carcinoma
MC cutaneous malignancy
Basal cell carcinoma