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normocytic anemia with low reticulocyte count?
aplastic anemia, renal disease
normocytic anemia with high reticulocyte count?
indicates marrow is intact;
hemolytic anemias: g6PD, sickle cell, hereditary spherocytosis, autoimmune hemolyci anemia, microcytic
equation for corrected reticulocyte count?
=Hct of pt/45 *reticulocyte count

what if there's polychromasia (bluish stain on wright giemsa)
divide by 2
estimation of Hct?
3 times Hb
MCC anemia worldwide?
iron deficiency
MCC iron deficiency?
GI bleed
for every unit of transfused blood what is expected change?
Hb up by 1
Hct up by 3%