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Is heme iron in hemoglobin and myoglobin in it's ferrous fe+2 or feric state Fe+3, can if be oxygenated or oxidized?
heme iron is always in it's ferrous state Fe+2 reduced, it can be oxegenated but not oxidized
what is the p50 of myoglobin?
1 torr
what is the p50 of hemoglobin?
26 torr
What does BPG bind to only and what does it do to oxygen affinity?
Binds to T (tense-low affinity for oxygen- makes it harder for O2 to bind to tense form)
T or R form of hemoglobin is is oxygenated form, more or less affinity?
T=tense form- deoxygenated, low affinity for oxygen

R form= relaxed form high, oxygenated, high affinity for oxygen
The alpha globulin gene cluster is on what chromosome?
in adult life what genes are productive?
chromosome 16

the two alpha genes
the beta globulin is on what chromosome?

in adult life what genes are productive
chromosome 11

beta and delta genes
What is methemoglobin, and how is it formed?
methemoglobin is the oxidized form of iron and it is completley useless in carrying oxygen, any dramatic increase in oxidizing factors can cause this to happen
ferrochelatase does what?
coproporphyrinogen III is transported back into the mitochondria this enzyme thows an iron on it
Where does heme regulation act in the process of heme synthesis?
acts on the first enzyme in the ALA dehydratase- in cytosol