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What percentage of the population is Rt Handed?
90% with complete lt hemisphere dominance
Which area of the brain is responisble for interpretation, integration, and formulation?
Wernicki's BA 22
Which area of the brain is responsible for motor control of speech?
Broca's (inferior frontal gyrus)
What are the non-verbal skills associated with the right hemispere?
rhythmic and pitch changes related to emotional tone
A lesion to the non-verbal skills area causes what?
affects story and joke comprehension
What is receptive aphasgia?
Deficit in language comprehension
How does Wernicki's aphasgia sound?
fluent, but devoid of meaningful content
What is expressive aphasgia?
deficit in language production
How does Broca's aphasgia sound?
non-fluent, but has meaningful content
What is conductive aphasgia?
inability to repeat words
What causes conductive aphasgia?
Lesion to superior longitudinal fasciculus
What is global aphasgia?
receptive and expressive caused by Left MCA occulsion
What is Agnosia?
inability to recognize stimuli even though primary inputs are intact
What causes agnosia?
lesion to sensory association centers