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origin/markers of RS cells?
B cell origin - CD30+, CD15+
good prognosis in Hodgkins?
increased lymphocytes, decreased RS cells
50% of cases of Hodgkin's are associated with what?
what is non-Hodgkin's associated with?
HIV and immunosuppression
peak incidence of non-Hodgkin's?
20-40 years old
peak incidence of Hodgkin's?
bimodal distribution - young and old
most common type of Hodgkin's?
nodular sclerosing type
collagen banding, lacunar cells in Hodgkin's?
nodular sclerosing type - most common in young women
numerous RS cells are found in what type of Hodgkin's?
mixed cellularity (25% of cases)
Hodgkin's in older males with disseminated disease; poor prognosis?
lymphocyte depleted
cell type in SLL, follicular lymphoma (small cleaved cell)?
B cells
this is like CLL with focal mass, low grade
small lymphocytic lymphoma
most common in children; commonly presents with ALL and mediastinal mass; very aggressive T cell lymphoma
lymphoblastic lymphoma
cell type in diffuse large cell lymphoma? who does it affect
80% B cells; 20% T cells; usually older adults, but 20% occur in children
starry sky appearance - sheets of lymphocytes with interspersed macrophages?
Burkitt's lymphoma
jaw lesion in endemic from in Africa; pelvis or abdomen in sporadic form
Burkitt's lymphoma
cell type in Burkitt's lymphoma?
B cells - most often affects kids
leukemia most responsive to therapy?
children, lymphoblasts; may spread to CNS and testes
auer rods, myeloblasts, adults
leukemia affecting older adults; lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, few symptoms, indolent course?
findings on blood smear in CLL?
smudge cells
leukemia that can cause warm antibody AI hemolytic anemia?
leukemia that presents with increased neutrophils and metamelocytes, splenomegaly
what is low in CML
leukocytic alkaline phosphatase
peroxidase-positive cytoplasmic inclusions in granulocytes adn myeloblasts
Auer rods
in which type of AML are Auer rods primarily seen?
acute promyelocytic leukemia (M3)
treatment of this leukemia can release Auer rods, causing DIC
monoclonal plasma cell (fried egg appearance) cancer that arises in the marrow and produces large amounts of IgG (55%) or IgA (25%)
multiple myeloma
most common primary tumor arising from bone in adults
multiple myeloma
these are laminated, concentric, calcific spherules
psammoma bodies
where are psammoma bodies seen?
papillary (thyroid)
serous (ovary)