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Auer rods & granules indicated what?
AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) or myelodysplasia
Auer rods are typical of blast cells
Smudge cells are indicitive of _____?
Name the myeloproliferative diseases
P. Vera
ET (essential thrombocythemia)
CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia
Chronic Idiopathic myelofibrosis
Philadelphia Chromosome
(what is it)
fusion of BCR/ABL genes, which results in enhanced Tyrosine Kinase activity
Philadelphia Chromosome
(what's it indicitive of)
All CML: with 210-kDa protein
Some ALL: 190 or 210 kDa
Chronic Neutropilic Leukemia: 230-kDa protein & lower WBC & Slower progression
diagnosis of CML
hx & pe
blood smear & bm biopsy (WBCs of various diff, blasts < 5%)
cytogenetics (Phila chrom);
PCR (looking for BCR-ABL gene)
LAP (low)
Hydroxyurea does what?
decreases marrow proliferation; causes a hematologic response, but remission is rare
Tyrosine Kinase is responsible for what?
Stimulates the growth cycle (mitosis, etc...).
Tx of CML
ST1571 (Gleevec, Imatinib)
Interferon does what?
is anti-proliferative; it restores cell adhesion to marrow stroma, and decreases Philadelphia chromez by 35%!
Complete hematologic response (30~68%)!
How does ST1571 work (Gleevec, Imatinib)?
Inhibits tyrosine kinase, decreasing mitosis signals & promoting apoptosis
CD5+ CD19+ CD23+
CD5+ CD19+ CD23-
Mantle Cell lymphoma
CLL Staging Criteria (0-IV)
0: lymphocytosis in PB & BM
I: 0 + lymphadenopath
II: + spleen & liver
III: + anemia
IV: thrombocytopenia
CD5- CD23- CD25+ CD103+
Hairy Cell Leukemia
Tx for Hairy Cell Leukemia
2-CDA (7 days = 90% complete response)
... also in-alpha, pentostatin, or splenectomy