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actquired (med use or genetic
r/t exposure to myelotoxins
aplastic anemia.
what med is given with polycytemia vera
busulfin or melfolin
s/s of polycytemia
HA, and HTN, increased uric acids.
treatment for neutropenia
private room
avoid fresh fruit and veggies
no flowers
WIth neutropenia you want to give an infusion of this?
when giving granulocytes what can you expect to see.
increased temp.
when should you stop an infusion of granulocytes
with SOB.
what is allogenic BM
relative or unrealted donor
how long does it take to see en graftment with bone marrow transplant
14 days
what do you look for to be sure bone marrow transplant is successful
what type of disorder is polycytemia vera considered
neoplastic disorder
death from graft vs. host disease is usually r/t
aplastic anemia is a decrease in
rbc, wbc, platelets
aplastic anemia is related to exposure to
what is polycythemia vera
is a cancer of reb's
with polycythemia there is an increase in?
massive rbc's, excessive luekocytes, and overproduction of thrombocytes.
the skin of a person with polycthemia looks like
dark, flushed appearence.
if you have aplastic anemia you will also have
agranulocyopenia (dec in wbc) and thrombocytompenia (dec in plateltes)
tx for pts with aplastic anemia are
blood transufsions, prednisone, splenectomy
malignant disorder involving abnormal overproduction of specific wbc.
what to monitor with thrombocytopenia
that test do you do with thrombocytopenia
tilt test