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AB antigens elicit _____ antibodies, causing _____ _____.
IgM antibodies; intravascular hemolysis
Group AB ppl are universal _____ because they do not make _____.
recipients; anti-AB antibodies
Rh antigens elicit _____, causing _____ _____.
IgG antibodies; extravascular hemolysis
What is the Direct Coombs Test?
Test for autoimmune hemolysis; take patient RBCs and see if agglutinate with Coombs Reagent, anti-human IgG
What is the Indirect Coombs Test?
Test for pretransfusion compatibility; take patient's serum and put with known RBC type
What is used for most transfusions?
Packed red blood cells
Fresh frozen plasma contains...
all clotting factors except platelets.
What is contained in cryoprecipitate?
factors VIII, vWF, IX, fibrinogen
When do you give packed platelets?
Thrombocytopenic bleeding
What is the most frequent infection in blood transfusions?
Hepatitis C