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List 5 the basic listening skills outlined by Ivey
Open and closed questions, encouragers, paraphrasing, reflection of feeling, and summarization
Appropriate Confrontation is defined as:
when the client reveals discrepancies between and or among thinking, feeling, and acting
Human Resources Dev. Model (based on client-centered & operatn conditioning) has 4 stages, name them:
1. Attending and Involvement 2. Responding and Exploration
3. Personalizing and Understanding
4. Initiation & Client action
Name the 7 core conditions of person-centered and Human Res. Dev. Model
Respect, Genuineness, Empathy, Concreteness(specificity), Immediacy, Self-disclosure, and Confrontation
Name the 4 quadrants of the Johari Awareness Model
Q-1 = Open quadrant.
q-2 = Blind quadrant.
q-3 = hidden quadrant.
q-4 = unknown quadrant.
The Process of counseling involves decreasing the area of which quadrants?
Q 2, 3, & 4. (while increasing Q1)
What is the ultimate purpose of counseling (Eisenber & Patterson, 1979)?
help the client achieve some kind of change that she/he will find satisfying.
The ultimate purpose of the counseling Process is?
For the client to internalize the change process. Then he/she is ready to pursue his/her goals.
What is Paralanguage the study of?
extra-linguistic features of speach like - voice tone, quality, and pacing.
What is proxemics?
the use of space and the study of human factors including territoriality, crowding, and cultural diff.
Kinesis is?
The study of observable isolable, and maningful movements in interpersonal communcation. (significant body movements, head/face etc).
Name the stages of the counseling process in order
I Beginning Phase: Relationship building; II Middle: Working through understanding & action; III Final: Termination
What are some goals of Stage I of the counseling process?
build trust,contracting, establishing limits, and client's learning about the counseling process
What skills do counselors typically use in the Middle stage (II)?
reframing, leading, interpretation, multifocused responding, accurate empathy, self-disclosure, immediacy, confrntation, and rehersal.
Assuming counseling has occurred for more than 3 months how long should the termination phase typically take
3 to 4 sessions.