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morphology of ascaris lumbricoides
white or pink worm
10-35 cm long
as thick as a pencil
Life cycle of ascaris lumbricoides
eggs in soil infective at 21 days
eaten by man
larvae in intestine
enter circulation --> R heart --> lungs --> breaks out of capillaries --> coughed up --> swallowed --> matures in small int
when is oviposition stage reached in ascaris lumbricoides?
how long do they live?
8 weeks
18 months
sx of ascaris lumbricoides
larval transit through lungs --> eosinophilic pneumonitis (loeffler's)
vague abdominal pain
some protein malnutrition
mechanical intestinal obstruction
obstructive appendicitis
where cna ascaris lumbricoides migrate
why do they migrate?
retrograde through mouth, nose, anus
migrate during fever, pregnancy, noxious drugs
dx of ascaris lumbricoides
stool exam or Xray
tx of ascaris lumbricoides
mebendazole 100 bid x 5 days
Latin name for Whipworm
Trichuris Trichiura
Morphology of whipworm
whip shaped worm, 30-50 mm
life cycle of whipworm
egg in soil, infective in 1 month, eaten by man --> larvae emerge in small intestines
penetrates into intestinal villi 3-10 days --> returns to lumen and migrates to cecum
when does whipworm mature into ovipositing adult?
30-90 days after ingestion
dx of whipworm
egg in stool
sx of whipworm
usually asymptomatic, may mimic chronic appendicitis
if heavily infected, may have anemia, blood streaked diarrhea
abdominal pain, N/V
weight loss and rectal prolapse
tx of whipworm
mebendazole 100 bid x 3 dyas
types of hookworm
necator americanus
ancylostoma duodenale