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What is the ultimate source of energy in an eco-system?
The sun
Producers provide what for other organisms in the food chain?
Food, energy and oxygen
F_ _ _D
Name one kind of energy lost to the surroundings.
1.As heat during respiration at every trophic level
2.Through undigested matter egested by consumers
3.Through excretory products E.g. Urea from consumers
r_ _ _ _ _ _ation
Green plants _____ photosynthesis without carbon dioxide.
Name one of the causes that Man affect the ecosystem.
Flooding Of River,Deforestation
De_ _ _ _ _tation
Definte Desertification.
Land becomes barren when too much water was evaporated rapidly form the topsoil.
Land becomes b_ _ _en.
Name One pollution mentioned in the powerpoint.
- Water
- Air
What contributed to the large amounts of acid rain.
The death of fish
fish will D_e.
What is WCS?
World Conservation Strategy
In the past, what cuses a drop in fish stocks?