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What is classical?
they created works, characterized by beautiful simplicity and graceful balance, and an artistic style.
What are sancuraries?
the place of worship.
What is classical?
An artistic style, created arts of characterized of beatiful simplicity and greatful balance.
what is sancuaries?
a large place of worship, Even though the greeks didnt need these they built temples for the dietes.
what is perspective?
an artisitc view showing distance between objects as they appear to the eye.
Whta is amphora?
A large vase for storing oil and other large supplies, with scenes of mythology.
What is Myron?
One of the Greatest sculptor of Greeces of The Golden Age, He protrayed what people shuld look like rather than actaul persons.
Whta is Phidias?
He was one of the great sculptors adn was in charge of the parthenon sculpting and he carved towering sculptur of Athena in parthenon.
What is Praxitles?
It reflected changes that occered in Greek life.
What is tragedy?
the lead characters struggled against fate only to be doomed with much suffereing to an un happy or tragic ending.
What is Aeschylus?
1st of the great writers tragedies in 400 BC and wrote 900 plys and 700 survied :writer of play Oresteia, this is set of three plays with a related theme.
What is Oristia?
shows of conseqences of ones deeds carried down from egneration to generation.
What is Sophocles?
served as general in Athenian army and lived trhough most of the peloponsian war, accepted suffering as an unavoidable part of life, he was a writer of the trageties.
What is Euripides?
Lastof three great trageieans, he rarely delt with the inflounece of the gods add goddesess, he hated war.
What is comedies?
plays with humerous themes adn happy endings.
What is Aristophanes?
most famous wirter of the comedies he created imaginative social satier.
What is the Olympia?
The place where the olympics were held every four years.
Building for the Gods
Built buildings for Greek deites, such as temples and sometimes they will use sancuaries, but figured they were too large.
Greek Arts
Love of beauty was expressed in fine art and as well as in arch. and both painting and sculpture, the Greeks excelled in portraying the human form.
Painting on Vases
Greekspainted murals, but all of them have survived. They had discritpions along with these murals.Had greek pottery wiht different shapes.They also made a kylix- a drinking cup.
Sculpting the Human Body
Sculptuing has reached its heightin Athens; only carved deites and heros.
Drama adn Theater
Greeks also ecplored the human conidton through theatircal dramas.1st people to write and perform plays.
Te earliest Greek plays were tragedies.
deals with the plight of Oedipus. He was the next GREAT trageian.
Last fo the three Great Greek traedgians.
A comedy Tonight
Greeks worte these comedies, usually had witty comments
The Olympic Games
It was like a sporting Event, The stressed athletics in theirs schools alot.These were in honor of Zeus,Alot of trading adn fighting went on because of these games.Peopl came form all of Greece for these games.They crowned winners with leaves adn held parades in their honor.