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Pharoah called to Abram .. Sarai wife not sister
Gen 12:18
Hagar, servant to ave children
sent back to complicate history
Gen 16:8
Abraham said "God himslef will provide the offering my son"
Ge 22:8
Lord said to her "Teo nations are in your womb.. the elders ahll serve teh younger
Gen 25:23
return to homje, reconciliation of brothers
Gen 33:10
creation God's good gift
creates out of nothing
starts with God, ends with God
Gen 1:1
Cain and the lord
Gen 4:4b-5
God remembers Noah

Remembers the coveant with humankind
Gen 8:1
Fortified City, who earth had one language
Gen 11:8
Descendats of Terah
Beg. of Geneolgoy
Gen 11:27
Are you indedt to reign over uss. Joseph text
Gen 37:8
Sold as slave
J buit up anger
human action can affect actionof what has been depicted
Gen 38:18
Judah will be identifed as father of lineage
Gen 33:18
How can I go back to my father ,
Gen 44:34
God intended it for good to preserved a numeros people as he is doing tooday
Gen 50:20