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complex carbohydrates that aids elimination and my help prevent heart disease and cancer
recommended dietary allowance
nutrients that are chemical elements needed for enzyme processes and bone formation
measure of the nutrients in food compared with energy
nutrient density
reccomneded nutrients intake that meets the need of healthy ppls
study of food and they ways in which the body uses food
class of nutrients containg simple sugars, starches, glycogen, dietry fiber
fatty acids inw hich the carbon atom d not hold the maximumm number of hydrogen atoms
unsaturated fatty acidsq
class of nutirnets consisting of long chains of amino acids, which are needed to build and repain body structures and to regulate process in the body
dietary fiber
nutrients required for transport, elimination, and temperature regulation as well as almost every other bodily function
dietary pattern that includes few or no animal products
nutrient-dense foods that help meet your needs and maintin a healthy weight
six classes of nutrients
carbohydragtes, fat, proteins, water, minerals, vitamins
dark green leafy vegetables; tofu; bony fish
nondairy source of calcium
tool for choosing healthy diet by selecting a recommended number of servings from each of
food guide pyramind
plant protiens that lack or caontin smaller amounts of some essential amino acids than needed by the body
imcomplete protien