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process where water (in any form) falls from atmosphere to Earth's surface
process by which water vapor changes back into a liquid, water
process by which water vapor from plants or trees evaporates
process by which water turns into a gas, water vapor
aneroid barometer
-has a metal chamber
-when increased air pressure, chamber walls are pushed in
-DON'T contain LIQUID
mercury barometer
-first barometer invented
-there is a tube of mercury in a bowl and when the air pressure increases, level on mercury tube also increases
-meaures relative humidity
-has wet and dry bulb thermometers
-look at dry bulb temp., then take difference between dry and wet and see then what the RH is
barometric pressure
amount of pressure in the air

*high BP means it is fair weather
*low BP means that a storm is coming
dew point
temperature at which water vapor will start to condense
relative humidity
amount of moisture currently in air compared to amount of moisture air can hold
amount of moisture in the air