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what is heat?
the transfer of kinetic energy in matter
the transfer of what
what is the caloric theory?
an idea that all matter contained a measurable amount of fluid
has to do with fluid and matter
what is temperature?
how cold or hot an object is
what is a calorie?
the amount of thermal energy which when transferred to 1 gram of water increases the temperature 1 degree C
has to do with heating of water
what is a kilocalorie?
1000 calories
think about the first part of the word
what is conduction?
the transfer of thermal energy by two items touching
what is thermal equalibrium?
when a hot object and a cold object are put together the temperatures will equal out
think about what the first word means and the first part of the second word means
what is a conductor?
Any substance allowing the flow of thermal energy
the opposite of an insulator
what is an insulator?
materials that resist heat flow
the opposite of a conductor
what is R-Value?
the measure of heat resistance
the measure of something
what is convection?
the transfer of thermal energy by moving particles
convection current
the circulation of thermal energy
think about convection
what is radiation?
thermal energy transferred from the sun to the earth?
think about the word radiate
what is specific heat?
the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of a 1 kg substance 1 degree C
sort of like a calorie
what is heat of fusion?
the heat it takes to change a solid to a liquid
has to do with change in states of matter
what is heat of vaporazation?
the heat it takes to change a liquid to a gas
think about changes in the states of matter
thermal expansion?
an object will expand when it is heated because the molecules need more room to expand
think about why there are breaks in sidewalks and why gas will leak out of a tank on a hot day