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General signs of Qi Xu with Palpitations (daytime, light usually with exercise), SOB on exertion, tiredness, pale face, spontaneous sweating, slight depression T: pale P: empty
HT Qi deficiency
Palpitations, SOB on exertion, tiredness, feeling of cold, cold hands, bright pale face, spontaneous sweating, stuffiness or discomfort in HT region, edema if Ki Yang Xu, t: pale and slightly wet P: deep-weak
HT Yang Deficiency
Palpitations, SOB, weak, shallow breathing, cold limbs, grey white face, profuse sweating, cyanotic lips, coma T: very pale, or bluish purple, short tongue P: hidden, minute, knotted
HT Yang collapse
Palpitations in evenings, at reset, with unease in chest, or anxiety. Pale dull face, insomnia, (difficulty falling asleep but once asleep ok or dream disturbed sleep), propensity to be startled, dizziness, poor memory T: pale, thin, slightly dry P: choppy-fine, thin
HT Blood Defiency
Palpatations, stabbing, pricking pain in chest that radiates down heart channel, worse at hight. If HT Yang Xu SOB on exertion, tireness, cold extremities. Cyanosis of face, lips, nails T: entirely purple, or purple on sides in chest area, P: choppy-wiry, knotted
HT Blood stasis
Mental restlessness, anxiety, uneasiness, figetiness, propensity to startle, red cheeks, nighttime palpitations , insomnia (heat harrasses shen - fall asleep ok but wake throughout night, dream disturbed sleep), night sweats, poor memory, dry mouth+throat, 5 palms hts, T: peeled coat, deep midline crack, reaching tip, ? red body P: floating, empty, rapid, overflowing front LHS
HT Yin Xu
From liv qi stagnation, severe mental restlessness, feeling agitated, red face, palpitations (worse when upset), insomnia with dream distubed sleep, cannot fall asleep, tongue ulcers, wake with bitter taste in mouth, urine is dark or with blood T: red body, tip redder and swollen with red points, midline crack P: full, rapid, overflowing in front LHS
HT fire blazing
Red face, mental restlessness, rash behaviour, tendency to hit or scold people, uncontrollable laughter or crying, shouting, muttering to onself, mental depression and dullness, manic behaviour, palpitations, insomnia (dream disturbed sleep), thirst, bitter taste, feeling of oppression in chest, expectorating phlegm, rattling sound in throat T: red body, swollen, yellow dry sticky coat, deep heart crack, tip maybe redder with red points P: full-rapid-slippery or rapid-full-wiry
Phlegm Fire harrassing the Heart
From sp xu (+/- Lu and Kid Xu) = phlegm, from phlegm stagnating = fire.
From sp xu (+/- Lu and Kid Xu) = phlegm, mental confusion, lethary, mental depression, aphasia (phlegm prevents tongue from moving), In children: mental retardation, phlegm coughing, slow speech), incoherent speech, slurred speeche, vomiting of phlegm, rattling sound in throat, dull eyes T: swollen with thick sticky coat, midline crack reaching tip P: slippery
Phlegm misting the mind
From heat in qi level, mental confusion, incoherent speech or aphasis, delerium (heat clouds the mind), disturebed sleep due to heat, fever at night time (specific symptom of heat at nutritive level), hot body, hands and feet cold. T: red and dry (maybe w/o coat if heat depletes yin) P: fine and rapid
Heat in Pericardium
HT Qi Xu
Ht5 + Ht 7 tonifies HT Qi, PC6 Tonifies HT qi esp sadness, Bl15 back shu ht, CV 17 gathering pt qi, CV 6 tonifies general Qi Xu, Du 14 moxa tonifies HT qi
Tonify Ht Qi
HT Yang Xu
HT 5 tonifies HT Qi, PC 6, HT8, Bl15, CV17, CV6, Du 14
Tonify and warm heart yang
Ht Yang Collapse
CV4,CV6,CV8 moxa on giner to rescue yang and stop sweating, GB4 + Bld 23 tonify ki yang, GV20 rescue yang, Du 14 and Bl15 direct moxa to tonify ht yang
rescue yang, restore consciousness, stop sweating
Ht blood xu
PC6 tonify HT Qi, HT7 - nourish HT Blood, calms Shen, CV14 and 15 tonify HT blood, calms shen, YinTang, Bl20 back shu spleen (produce more blood), Bl17 gathering pt for blood, tonify blood, Anmian (insomnia)
Nourish blood, tonify HT
Ht blood stasis
PC6, PC4 accumulation pt, to stop chest pain, Bl17 regulates blood, CV17 regulates qi and blood in chest, HT7 moves HT blood, KI25 moves qi and blood in chest, esp KI yang xu
Move blood stagnation, address root = strenthen HT yang or Kid yang
Ht Yin Xu
HT 5 + Ki 6 stops night sweats, PC6 + HT7 calms mind, CV15 calms mind, CV4 nourish yin, ground mind, SP6 nourish yin
nourish yin, calm shen, expel heat
Ht Fire Blazing
HT8 and HT 9 clears HT fire, HT7 calms mind, CV15 calms mind and clears heat, Sp6 + Ki 3 promotes yin to cool, LI4 clears heat, DU24 and Du19 calms the mind.
clear heat, noursih yin
Phlegm Fire harrassing the Heart
PC5 - resolves phlegm from heart, HT9 clears heat, ST40 resolves phlegm, Bl15 clears phlegm from ht (esp children), CV12 and Bl20 tonify Sp to resolve damp plus Lv2, GB13 opens mind orifices, HT7 clears heat, PC7 calms mid, pc5 and 6, CV15 pacifies the mind, Du14, HT8
clear heat, resolve phlegm
Phlegm misting the mind
PC5 - resolves phlegm from heart, HT9 clears heat, ST40 resolves phlegm, Bl15 clears phlegm from ht (esp children), CV12 and Bl20 tonify Sp to resolve damp
resolve phlegm
Heat in Pericardium
PC8 + PC9 - clears heat in PC, HT9 clears heat in PC, calms mind, Ki6 nourishes fluids to protect yin
clear heat
How many points in the HT Channel