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Superior vena cava
R. cardinal vein
Inferior vena cava
R. vitelline vein
Valve of inferior vena cava, coronary sinus
Valves of sinus venosus
Right atrium (trabeculated)
Trabeculation of myocardium
Right atrium (smooth)
Absorbed sinus venosus
Right ventricle
Primitive right ventricle
Outflow region
Proximal outflow region
Pulmonary trunk + aorta
Truncus arteriosus
Pulmonary veins
Primitive left atrium
Left atrium (smooth)
Absorbed pulmonary veins
Left ventricle
Primitive left ventricle
Interatrial septa
Septum primum, secundum
Membranous interventricular septum
Fusion of edge of muscular interventricular diaphragm, bulbar ridges and septum intermedium
Muscular interventricular septum
Trabeculation, fusion of right/left of ventricle walls
Proximal outflow region (forms smooth parts of ventricles)
Divided by dorsal, ventral endocardial cushion tissues
Distal outflow region (forms roots, valves of aorta, pulmonary trunk)
Divided by superior, inferior endocardial cushions
Aortic sac (forms roots of aorta, pulmonary trunk)
Divided by neural crest mesenchyme
Crista terminalis
R. valve of sinus venosus
Pectinate mm. (only in right atrium/auricle, left auricle)
Trabeculation of myocardium
Left auricle
Primitive left atrium
Visceral pericardium
Epicardium (from proepicardial organ)
Parietal pericardium
Pleuropericardial folds
Coronary sinus
L. horn of sinus venosus
Coronary vessels
Epicardium (from proepicardial organ)
Pharyngeal arch #4
Ductus arteriosus
Pharyngeal arch #6
Mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary, aortic semilunar valves
Endocardial cushion tissue
Fibrous skeleton
Endocardial cushion tissue
Chordae tendinae
Endocardial cushion tissue