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What part of the ear canal is involved in earwax production?
The ENTIRE ear canal
What is earwax made of?
dried dead skin, secretions from cerumen & sabaceous glands, shed hair
Which part of the ear canal contains the ceruminous glands & sabaceous glands? What are they on the end of/next to?
-located on cartilaginous (outer 2/3) of EAC
-glands are next to or @ the end of hair follicles
What does the bony EAC do in regards to making earwax?
-contributes to dried dead skin lining

*does not contain cer. or sab. glands
How is earwax "shedding" different from the rest of the body (i.e. skin shedding)?
skin lining migrates outward INSTEAD of flaking off like skin

-similar to how a snake sheds its skin
How long does it take for the skin lining to reach the border of the cartilaginous portion of the EAC?
several months
Is earwax usually a problem?
Earwax function?
1) protection

2) lubricate the ear canal lining
How does earwax impaction occur?
when skin flakes, hair, gland secretions, dust, other obj. are in large quantities
Earwax impaction causes?
1) mild conductive hearing loss
2) otalgia
3) vertigo
4) coughing
How do you "cure" earwax impaction?
removal alleviates symptoms--> need med referral for removal

-audiologist does "cerumen management"
What are some possible/common foreign objects that cause obstruction?
eraser, beads, bugs, cotton, pebbles, etc.

*can also be a source for "strange sounds"
What are the types of ear canal obstructions?
1) earwax impaction
2) foreign objects
3) ear canal collapse
4) ear canal growths
What population(s) is/are an ear canal collapse most common?
1) children <7

2) elderly
How does ear canal collapse occur in elderly?
loss of elasticity & strength of tissues causes cartilaginous portion of EAC to become more flexible=can't hold itself up so it collapses
How does ear canal collapse occur in children?
-hearing tests from ear phones
What is an exostoses?
-bony growth capped w/ cartilage growing out of EAC wall
What is the most common benign tumor in the EAC?
Are exostoses singular or multiple? uni or bi?
can be singular or multi

can be uni or bilateral; more often bi
What causes exostoses?
1) irritation

2) idiopathic (don't know cause)