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Human dynamic hearing range
20 to 20,000 Hz
The approximate size ratio between the tympanic membrane and finestra ovale is....
Stapedius and Tensor tympani muscles
Attach to stapes and malleus respectively.
Contract to attenuate sound by 5dB in the middle ear reflex.
The reflex is bilateral and responds to Loud, Long and Low sounds.
In normal ear anatomy, the cone of light seen through an otoscope below the umbo points....
To double the perceived volume of a sound we must increase its amplitude by....
The threshold in a behavioral audiogram that is considered normal is...
Scala vestibuli contains...
Perilymph (high sodium)
Scala tympani contains...
Perilymph (high sodium)
Scala media contains....
Endolymph (high potassium)
In the hearing organ of corti motion that moves the inner hair cells followed by outer hair cells causes...
Potassium influx and depolarization
The auditory nerve is activated by ....
Calcium release at the base of the hair cell
Ion concentration is critical in the ear and is damaged in the condition known as...
Menieres disease.
The highest frequencies stimulate...while the lower frequecies stimulate...
the furthest part of the hearing organ from the ossicles.
The closest part.
high frequency = base
low frequency = apex
The structures responsible for maintaining the ion gradient between the endolymph and perilymph are called....
Stria Vascularis
Cochlear support cells
Outer hair cells can alter (shorten) their conformation and amplify particular frequencies by as much as....
Bone is louder than air conduction on a Rinne test means......
Conductive hearing loss
Air is louder than bone on a Rinne test means....
Sensorineural hearing loss
The patient is normal
Patient localizes the sound to the right on a Weber test means....
Right conductive hearing loss
Left Sensorineural hearing loss
The semicircular canals in the ear are sensitive to....
angular acceleration
The Saccule and Utricle in the ear are sensitive to....
Head tilt.
Depolarization of the hair cells (uphill) in the vestibular system causes...
Increased firing rate
Hyperpolarization of the hair cells (downhill) in the vestibular system causes....
Decreased firing rate
Most sensitive range of hearing
Roughly in the center of audible speech.
(1khz to 2khz)
Ratio of outer to inner hair cells.
What part of the Saccule is vertical?
The macula
The utricle senses....
Horizontal linear motion
The Saccule senses....
Vertical linear motion.
The semicircular canals sense...
Angular motion