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Anorexia Nervosa
Is a disorder in which the irrational fear of becoming obese result in severe weight loss from self -imposed starvation (redtriction on calories)
Bulimia Nervosa
Is a disorder in which some form of purging or clearing of the digestive tract follows cycles of overeating (purge abd binge aka: throw up)
Binge Eating Disorder
A disorder characterized by compulsive overeating (no purging)
Eating Disorders
is an extreme harmful eating behavior that can cause serious illness or even death
What are the LONG term health complications of an eating disorder?
Heart Disease
Imbalance of minerals and electrolytes
Blood Damage
Digestive Problems
What are some helpful DO's and DON'Ts to help someone with an eating disorder?
express concern
focus on other life aresa(school,goals)
focus on feelings
say "you look thin"
try to make her eat
discuss weight or calories with her
What are the suspected causes of an eating disorder?
Not wanting to eat with family
Long visits to the bathroom after meals
looks thinner or just different
Signs of Anorexia
sever weight loss
feeling cold 24/7
Signs of Bulimia:
Recurrent episode of binge eating
guilt around food
useing diet pills
self induced vomiting