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Rachel Carson
published silent springs
did a study on DDT
developed breast cancer
looked @ environmental issues that lead to diseases
chemical carcinogen used to kill mosquitoes; also known to cause cancer
kills insects
kills unwanted vegetation
Sandra Steingraber
wrote a book Living Down Stream; biologist; also had breast cancer;detected DDT levels in farm land
Harris County
top 10 % of carcinogen counties
Cancer alley
300 miles from Houston to Louisiana
Who patrols refineries?
they patrol themselves
Occupational Safety & Health Adminitration; only show up @ refineries if there is an explosion
supposed to regulate refineries but it is very political
vinyl chloride
biggest chemical to increase since 1960's; used to make plastics
Secrecey agreement
1972 several companies signed an agreement to keep quiet about the harmful effects that vc caused
right to know act
1985 CO's had to tell what chemicals were used and emitted
environmental protection agency regulates which levels are ok & other environmental issues
Texas sharp shooter method
method used by CDC to pin point cause or origin of disease