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what is depression?
feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or helplessness lasting longer than 2 weeks
causes of depression
chemical imbalance
life events
guilt, appetite or sleep loss or gain, fatigue, insomnia,
treatments for depression
what is bi-polar disorder?
cycling modd changes
extreme highs (manic) to extreme lows (depression)
causes of bi-polar
symptoms of bi-polar
mania: excessive energy, racing thoughts, easily irritated, decreased need for sleep, unrealistic belief in themselves, poor judgement
treatment for bi polar
medication (tricky)
what is seasonal affective disorder?
depression that occurs during the winder months, subsides in spring
causes of seasonal affective disorder
melatonin (sleep hormone) may cause depression, more is realised in winter (dark)
symptoms of seasonal affective disorder
same as depression
treatmetn for seasonal affective disorder
light therapy
what is dysthymia?
longer lasting, but much less intense depression
2-5 years
causes of dysthymia
chemical imbalance
life events
what is social phobia?
characterized by an overwhelming anxiety and excessive self conciousness in everyday social situation
causes of social phobia
chemical imbalance, environment, genetics
symptoms of social phobia
intense anxiety, intense fear of being watched by others or being embarassed/humiliated, blushing, sweating, trembling, nausea, difficulty talking
treatment for social phobia
medication for anxiety, cognative behavioral therapy (changes disfunctional thoughts)
what is obsessive compulsive disorder?
intense, reccurant thoughts (obsession) and rituals (compulsions) which they feel they can not control
causes of OCD
often accompanies: depression, eating/personality/anxiety disorders
symptoms of OCD
obessions: persistant fears that harm may come to a loved one, fear of contamination, excessive need to be perfect
compulsions: cleaning, counting, hoarding, washing, repeating phrases
treatment for ocd
medication, behavioral therapy
what is schizophrenia?
chroic severe brain disabling disease
causes of schizo
biological, genetic, combo of environmental genetics, exposure to viruses or malnutrition before birth, problems during birth itself, psychosocial factors (stressful environment)
symptoms of schizo
hallucinations (5 senses), delusion, paranoia, difficulty organizing thoughts, fall effect (no emotions, monotone), lack of pleasure in everyday life
treatment for schizo
anti physcotics (lots of side effects)
teach how to re socialize to fit into society
what is PTSD?
post tramatic stress disorder
anxiety disorder that can develop after a terrifying ordeal in which grave personal harm occured or was threatened (more than one month)
what is the cause of PTSD?
traumatic events: violent assaults, disasters, accidents, military combat
symptoms of PTSD
flashbacks, memories, nightmares, anniversaires, bad thoughts, emo numbness, sleep disturbances, irritablity, guilt, headaches, dizzyness
treatments for PTSD?
therapy, medication
what is GAD?
generalized anxiety disorder
constant, exagerated, worrisome thoughts about every day events and activities (atleast 6 months)
caues of GAD
genetics (worse during stressful times)
symptoms of GAD
alwasy anticipating the worst, fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, trembling, sweating, hot flashees, light headed/out of breathe, nausea/have to pee, difficulty concentration, trouble falling/getting to sleep, source of worry is hard to pinpoint
treatment of GAD
medication (anti-anxiety)
person who is so focused on the needs of others that the person's own needs are neglected
misguided helping, does harm by supporting a troubeled person's continued self destructive attitude or behavior
extreme feeling of guilt that arises when a person internalizes mistakes
the normal feeling that arises from the concsciene when a person acts againts internal values
person with a graduate degree in phychology from a university, requires license
has a MD additional training to deal, licensed to perscribe drugs
social worker
person with a graduate degree in social work and traning in counseling