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Identify two reasons why employers became aware of the need for awareness and prevention training in health and welness for telecommunications?
*High turnever/washout rates, lowered hiring pool
*Mistakes causing concern for field unit safety, liability, public relations
Identify two controllable vs two un-controllable job factors
*Controllable: training, attitude, participation in problem solving, health choices.
*Uncontrollable: rate and type of incoming activity, co-worker personalities, mandatory overtime, change, shiftwork
Identify two reactions to change
*Rejection, anger, resentment, fear, shutdown, burnout
*Participation, acceptance, adaptation, enthusiasm
Identify three ways to promote physical fitness and health
*Exercise regularly, eat a well balanced diet
*Use career and personal support resources
*Practice injury prevention behavior
*Use professional mental & emotional health resources
*Healthful sleep patterns
Identify the difference between cumulative stress and traumatic or critical incident stress
*Cumulative stress: build up of stress from multiple incidents for which no stress reduction process occurred.
*Traumatic or critical incident stress: stress from a single critical incident