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a condition: bronchial tubes consrtict, makes breathing hard
Substances other than food that changes the way the body or mind works.
Amount of alcohol is a person's blood

Blood Alcohol Content

How a person feels does not factor into their BAC
Amount of alcohol is a person's blood

Blood Alcohol Content
Amount of alcohol is a person's blood

Blood Alcohol Content
the liver cannot break the alcohol down quickly and it cannot be excreted until it is broken down
Why drinking alcohol fast is dangerous.
How often do people with alcoholism drink?
on weekends only,
too much too fast,
or one drink at a time.
It is illegal
can lead to bad choices that could lead to STD infection or fighting
Why teens should not drink
blood vessels dialate and gastric juices flow increases
affects of alcohol on the body.
Through the mouth, inhaling, and absorption
How drugs can enter the blood stream
A severe birth defect in a baby of a woman who drank during pregnancy
FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)
Does drinkming ease depression?
A person who knwingly or unknowingly helps the harmful behavior of another person.
Sidestream smoke
Enters the air from a burning cigarrette or cigar.
Causes taste buds to be dulled, causes addiction, stimulates your nervous system
Carbon Monoxide
colorless, odorless, tasteless, poisonious gas. Replaces oxygen in the blood, causes hearth strain.
How do advertisers appeal to teens?
By making smoking look mature, healthy, and attractive.
How can non-smokers get lung disease?
By breathing second hand and sidestream smoke.
safe use of over-the-counter drugs includes
reading the label, taking correct dosage, take with parent permission.
dispenses medications prescribed by physicians.
Info found on drug label
strength of drug
name of drug
number of refills
Info found on over-the-counter drug labels
main ingredient
What happens when you stop taking a drug, does not feel good.
disease where one needs alcohol for physical and psychological reasons.
Responsible use
correct use of legal drugs to promote health and well being.
misuse of drugs
both on purpose and by accident.