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difference and similarities between eustress and distress.
Eustress is good, distress isn’t
list some examples of the symptoms of stress
emotional- irritable, edgy, hyper, depression, bored, tired
physical-pounding heart, trembling, dry mouth, perspirating, headaches, colds
behavioral- panic attacks, abuse, crying/yelling, over/undereating, sleep disturbances
“flight or fight” reaction in the body
-all of these things happen really quickly to your body
-nervous and endocrine system involved
Define Homeostasis
when you aren’t under stress
Personality type affect your responses to stressors
Type A- Goal oriented, organized, incharge, in a hurry, perfectionist,
Type B- Good listeners, unhurried, procrastinate, talk softer
-Extreme type A people get more stress
-Extreme Type B’s are procrastinators
List examples of stressors
deaths in family
friend/boyfriend problems
What are endorphins?
Hormones that are released and can distract you from pain
explain how nervous and endocrine system work to produce the stress responses
-nervous system includes things you can and can’t control
-endocrine has to do with hormones
-pituitary gland (forehead)-> chemical ACTH->adrenal glands (kidneys)->cortisol(fat burning), adrenaline, norepinephrine (anger hormone)
Who was the prominent psychologist that began to study the effects of stress during the 1930’s?
Hans Selye
difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist
-psychologist-can’t write prescriptions, just talk to you, cure eating disorders, etc.
-psychiatrist-medical doctors, can write prescriptions
Know several physical conditions affected by stress.
Aids, heart problems, injuries, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes,
Know several techniques for managing stress
-Cognitive techniques- think about situation differently
Problem solve, Set/modify goals, Self-talk, Sense of humor,
-Relaxation techniques
Progressive muscle relaxation, Deep breathing, Visualization, biofeedback