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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The occurrence of immune deficiency caused by the HIV virus.
A persistent and lasting disease or medical condition, or one that has developed slowly
Children’s special circumstances that require adults to take responsibility for recognizing and responding to their health needs.
Developmental vulnerability
Rapid and cumulative physical and emotional changes that characterize childhood and the potential impact that illness, injury or disruptive family and social circumstances can have on child’s life-course trajectory.
Physical or mental handicap- partial or total- resulting from sickness or injury.
A virus that can destroy the immune system and lead to AIDS.
Fear and/or hatred of gay and lesbians.
Medicaid Waiver Program
Designed packages of services for specific populations.
Mental Health System
It’s is composed of 2 subsystems, one primarily for individuals with insurance coverage or private funds, and the other one for those without private coverage.
New morbidities
Include drug and alcohol abuse, family and neighborhood violence, emotional disorders, and learning problems from which older generations do not suffer.
Opportunistic infections
An infection that occurs when the body’s natural immune system breaks down.
Physicians who receive postgraduate specialty training in mental health after completing medical school.
Must be licensed or certified to practice. Providing patients with mental health car, psychologists may specialize in such areas as clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, engineering, personnel, experimental, industrial, psychometric, rehabilitation, school and social psychology.