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The ability to bend, stretch, and twist comfortably is called _______________.
A tool that shows different types of physical activities and how often to do them is called a/an ________________.
Activity Pyramid
The third part of an exercise workout that lasts at least five minutes and slowly brings your heart and breathing rates back to normal is called the _______.
The first part of a physical workout; lasts at least five minutes, raises breathing and heart rates gradually, and includes stretching is called the __________.
The ability of a muscle to exert great force is called ______________.
muscular strength
The units used to measure the amount of energy the body is able to obtain from a food are called ________.
The rate at which your heart beats when you are working hard enough to make your heart and lungs stronger without overstraining them is called your __________.
target heart rate
The ability to use muscles for a long time without getting tired or having to stop is called ____________.
muscular endurance
__________ exercise helps increase muscle strength but does not benefit the heart or lungs.
Anaerobic (anaerobic)
Having a strong heart and ciculatory system is known as having _____________.
cardiovascular fitness
Physical, mental, or emotional tiredness is called _______________.
___________ exercise is one in which your heart pumps hard and you breathe fast, which strengthens your heart and lungs and builds cardiovascular fitness.
Aerobic (aerobic)
An exercise session is sometimes called a/an _______.